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About Us
About Us

Discover Ibiza is a new directory for businesses. Everything from clubs, shops and restaurants to chemists, carpenters and car rentals. Formerly Clubbers App to Ibiza, our mission of creating a complete guide to the island is expanding. Our established platform brings visibility to the masses, offering an affordable and accessible one-stop solution to getting your service seen. Discover Ibiza is where tourists and locals go to meet.

A User Experience

Discover Ibiza is a time-saving, useful tool for our audience. Users can create a unique profile that enable saving, pinning and favouriting of your pages. Our most exciting feature – Amazon Ai. We have developed a bespoke voice that can be selected to read articles and pages in Spanish or English. Texts can be saved by users to then be listened to offline and on-the-go. Our news is published directly to podcasts on the app store and instant notifications allows us to bring the news instantly infront of the end users on any device!

And, our visitors don’t ever have to leave the website. Booking systems allow hotels, transport, club tickets and VIP tables to be arranged there and then.

Our aspiration to bring visibility to all sizes of local businesses began with Clubbers App to Ibiza May 2015. Founded by Martin Miller, the app launched on Android and IOS and was created as a pocket holiday guide with a focus on nightlife and reviews. Over time, the potential for a guide that reaches beyond the well-established and well-known touristic scope was realised and the idea for Discover Ibiza began to surface. Most importantly, realising the needs of our consumers in a technologically savvy age revealed some gaps in the market and several new ways to bridge information using advanced and tailored tools.

In a highly competitive market such as Ibiza, Discover Ibiza gives businesses a simple to use and cost-effective answer to raising online presence. Through Martin’s history as Director of Websmart Design, our expertise in providing marketing solutions has given us longevity with Clubbers App to Ibiza.

Now, we are looking to take it further by providing the island’s businesses and visitors forward-thinking ways to connect and discover.

Let’s get you on the map:

Call us on +34 971 576 881 or email

Office: Discover Ibiza, Av.da Santa Eulalia 17/D, 07800 Ibiza, Islas Baleares

Meet The Team

Martin Miller
Owner & Founder
Martin Hall
Account Manager
Nina Saei
Copywriter & Reviews
Chantelle Mulvey
Copywriter & Reviews