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Caló des Moro Caló des Moro

Caló des Moro



Sunset Views
Family Friendly

The Beach

A tiny beach haven situated on the north-western outskirts of bustling San Antonio offering a youthful and vibrant beach experience not to be forgotten.

While the small beach town may lack the tradition and culture of many of the larger coastal towns on the White Isle, beach dwellers will be surprised by the plentiful facilities and party atmosphere offered at Caló des Moro. The beach’s proximity to the world famous Café del Mar ensure that visitors to the beach are guaranteed to witness the most beautiful sunsets accompanied by awesome tunes spun by the world’s elite DJs.

The beach itself is made up of a stone and sand mix, surrounded by large hotels and resorts often occupied by tourists in search of the infamous party trail. During the summer season the beach can be very busy with the young and hungover searching for sun, sea and rest. One end of the beach offers a large wooden terrace that is perfect for sunbathing and sipping cool refreshments from one of the beachside bars and cafes.

The beach has a number of amenities that make it popular with visitors, namely qualified lifeguards, modern showers and clean toilet facilities. The adventurous are also well catered for at Caló des Moro with many water sports offered by local businesses and instructors. Prominent and colourful banana boats and jet-skis decorate the turquoise ocean, promising fun and excitement. The beach also boasts an excellent diving location and diving tours are offered in the bay.

The beach at Caló des Moro is well positioned and can be reached easily by bus from San Antonio and by car. There is plenty of car parking in the nearby town and local streets and these are well signposted in and around the local area.