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Bongo’s Bingo
20th May 2019 0 comments

A story of pure mischief and how far it can go in winning the hearts of its hometown and beyond, Bongo’s Bingo is firmly pushing the entertainment boundaries. A fresh spin on the somewhat beige game of bingo, the concept is a coming together of big-time raving and, of course, classic bingo. Over three years ago, two friends from Liverpool came together to serve their city something uniquely different, just for a laugh. Throwing in theatrics, cash prizes and lashings of silly entertainers, the party-slash-game has rocketed into hosting celebrity talent to oversee proceedings. David Hasselhoff, The Vengaboys and Fatman Scoop have all featured at the shows that are unrelenting in their roster of activity.

Now a few seasons in on the White Isle, the crazy fiasco promises guests wacky prizes, alongside the coveted cash handouts, of henry hoovers, boxes of cereal, unicorn inflatables and life-sized cut-outs. An extended game of bingo, where players are invited to partake in a serious match, is broken up into several elements of eccentric fun. Resident DJs come onboard to create rounds with dance-offs, interludes for dancing off all the drinking and outlandish performers hijacking the experience for a night full of surprise at every corner.

The wildly popular concept sees routine sell-out events proving that sun, sea and superclubs are not all that Ibiza’s loyal descendants have a penchant for. Clearly, on an island of unrestricted hedonism, Bongo’s Bingo has certainly found its place.  Formerly held at the Ibiza Rocks Bar, the event has been taken on by Eden where So Solid Crew have been historically known to play stage-hosts. Recently, the move has been back to the Ibiza Rocks group but this time at the hotel where undoubtedly the pool and open-air space will elevate things much further than they already have. An experience that is completely in a league of its own, Bongo’s Bingo is paving a new sector for those seeking an exciting way to party. Who would have thought a game like bingo would be propelled to such heights?