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28th May 2019 0 comments

An emblematic figure in Ibiza’s music scene, Cocoon has stood the test of time in delivering parties that just keep on bringing people back for more. 2019 sees the esteemed residency reach its 20th birthday cementing another decade of serving the extraordinary. The predominantly techno affair led by German titan Sven Väth tells us exactly why the event has risen to famed status. With a personal career in music exceeding three decades of service, his contribution to the scene has been evolutionary and visionary. Known for his commitment to showcasing vinyls, his flair for selecting and blending compelling music has given him the taste for drawing together a team to carry it forward.

A birthing of his own pioneering nature, Cocoon is a party that encapsulates Väth’s philosophy and beyond. The atmosphere is always one of inclusivity, where everyone is the VIP, putting focus on inviting the crowd in with music that whisks the imagination away into unrelenting and unforgettable nights. The line-ups curated with impeccable taste include those that the techno kingpin has chosen to represent the coveted energy. Adam Beyer, Ricardo Villalobos, Solomun and Richie Hawtin are just a few that take to the reign on the respected decks. Fuelling whichever space they are set to take over, moving, driving and pounding beats all come together to create an inimitably intimate atmosphere in a league of its own.

Now a worldwide phenomenon through the Cocoon Events Worldwide agency, the drive to spread more of what stemmed from the first ever party in Ibiza has expanded. With a multitude of countries spanning five out of eight continents and now a record label in tow – Cocoon Recordings – if that isn’t testament enough to Väth’s work, we don’t know what is. And yet, the palpable energy of a Cocoon party is what makes it a universal phenomenon. Attracting visitors from all over the globe, the original party at its original location is sometime to be witnessed. A concentrated effort from the crowd combined with Papa Sven’s mischief behind the decks and where music is all that matters, Cocoon’s legacy is firmly cemented in history.