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Montauk Steakhouse Montauk Steakhouse

Montauk Steakhouse


A sirloin that melts in your mouth, a good red wine and the best of the companies. Is there a more perfect way to start the night for a carnivore? We believe no, that’s why at the Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza restaurant, located at The Ushuaïa Tower, every evening the embers are prepared and the knives are sharpened. For you to find a perfect cure, the best cuts and high quality meats from Spain, the United Kingdom and Alaska. We have everything for a first-class dining experience. Only you miss.


Close to Beach
Dj / Music
Free Wifi
Accepts Debit/Credit cards
Wheelchair Accessible
Charging Station
Car Parking
Close to Public Transport

About Us

At the Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza, everything is geared towards stimulating the appetite for meat. See for yourself in our climate-controlled display case, where the best domestic and international cuts of meat are an invitation to indulgence. And biting. All our meats are cured in our Himalayan salt chamber, kept at perfect temperature and humidity. At Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza, not everything is measured in terms of rare, medium and well done. We also give seafood like scallops, lobster, salmon, and bass centre stage…. Whether you have meat or fish, you’ll want seconds.