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Taste Ibiza – a rundown of some of the must-try restaurants
8th August 2019 0 comments

Ibiza has long been synonymous with its vibrant and hedonistic nightlife; it leads the rest of the world with its iconic clubs, bars and cafes. However, there is much more to the White Isle than its neon nightlife; the island has an impressive culinary offering, with many restaurants and gastronomic experiences garnering international attention. Ibiza is evolving, and its culture and heritage are being foregrounded in so many ways, but none are tastier than its inspired culinary delights!

Visitors and explorers could roam the island for weeks and never have the same food experience twice. With the delicious crowd favourites offered in major resorts, traditional rustic delicacies in the narrow, whitewashed streets, and the chic gastronomic destination restaurants drawing in the cultured and fashionable, Ibiza has the ability to wow and surprise all taste buds.

However, for those who do not want to roam the island, here are a few of the best places to experience the epicurean feast that Ibiza offers.

Calma – Dalt Vila

Without a doubt one of the most romantic and picturesque settings for a restaurant, overlooking the stunning panorama of the port of Ibiza, this is the perfect destination for lovers to watch the famous sunsets and experience the freshest of the island’s produce. Diners are spoilt for choice by the traditionally inspired menu; the paellas and fresh fish dishes are unrivalled, and prepared lovingly by those who know the secret to classic Mediterranean cooking.

La Brasa – Ibiza Town

Set in the romantic old quarter of Ibiza Town, this hidden gem is nestled into trees and vibrant foliage that strike the perfect juxtaposition against the classic white-linen tablecloths that proudly adorn the intimate dining tables in this rustic restaurant. With a refined menu offering Mediterranean dishes served simplistically, the quality ingredients really do the talking at La Brasa and bring in visitors from all over the island.

Sa Capella – Santa Agnes

This stunning restaurant offers a really unique dining experience that will leave a magical impression on all who pass through its doors. Set in the traditional chapel of St Agnes, diners are treated to the ancient history of the island, which somehow manages to feel modern and chic at the same time; it’s a perfect place for a culinary adventure. The menu is equally spectacular, with locally sourced produce – such as meat and fish – treated as the star of the show, and the molecular gastronomy elevates the ingredients to another level. The setting and food combine to leave a lifelong impression.

Las Puertas del Cielo – Santa Agnes

It being one of the island’s finest open-air restaurants, diners flock to Sa Penya Esbarrada to experience an impressive view across the bay and drink in one of the island’s spectacular sunsets. The food is locally sourced and prepared by chefs who take pride in preserving the rustic food heritage of the island, as well as being determined to add modern twists. It really doesn’t get any more Mediterranean than al fresco dining at Las Puertas del Cielo.

Amante – Sol d’en Serra

This exclusive dining experience, hidden away in the bay of Sol d’en Serra, offers diners breathtaking views as the moon shimmers on the Mediterranean. The menu is an international fayre, although there is a Mediterranean touch that elevates the food to the next level. Diners flock from all over the island to enjoy the delicate plates and intimate surroundings at Amante. The restaurant has caught the attention of those on the European culinary circuit and is popular all year round. Amante also offers a small number of exclusive Balinese-style beach huts set along the shoreline for a unique dining experience; these are perfect for those celebrating while on the island.

La Scala – Dalt Vila

Hidden away in the narrow streets of Dalt Vila, this cosy, candlelit eatery serves some of the island’s finest steaks, cooked to each diner’s individual taste. The menu is refined, focusing on central European classics, with a selection of regional daily specials that excite the palate. The vibrant outdoor terrace, surrounded by electric flora, makes for a perfect evening under the stars.

La Oliva – Ibiza Town

An Ibizan classic, La Oliva enjoys a unique situation due to being on the edges of the square at Dalt Vila. Diners can bask in the entertainment and music offered daily in one of the town’s most exciting quarters. The restaurant offers pleasure of the culinary kind, with a range of Mediterranean classics and Asian delights all lovingly prepared by the chef, who can call upon over 25 years’ experience in thrilling the taste buds of locals and visitors.

Whether seated on the paved terraces of the outdoor dining area, or in the intimate and romantic restaurant, diners will experience true Ibizan hospitality in classic Mediterranean architecture. With a range of beautiful wines and modern cocktails, it’s also the perfect place to watch the world go by.

With so many fine places on the island choices are unlimited! Find and discover more great restaurants with our directory of some of the best on the island!