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Acid Sundays are back at Heart Ibiza from April 29th
13th April 2018 0 comments

For its fourth season, Acid Sundays introduces the best of both worlds – by alternating venues between Heart and Las Dalias throughout the season!
On April 29th, Acid Sundays will take place at Heart again with a heartwarming lineup:

Miss Melera
Veronika Fleyta

The feeling of being back to where it all started brings back nostalgic memories – suddenly we’ve traveled through time and re-appeared in the past; familiar faces and sounds, lost characters wondering around a place they were created in…but at the same time, we are in the present with a new version of the most eclectic party on the island!

Acid Sundays sound goes beyond techno and house, it elevates you and brings you all together. A total connection with the island’s roots, absorbing its aesthetics, magic and freedom to create an experience never seen before!

Don’t forget to #followyourheart ♥ get down to Heart Ibiza on a Sunday


Acid Sundays