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Useful survival tips for your Ibiza clubbing holiday!
Useful survival tips for your Ibiza clubbing holiday!

Nights out

There is nothing on earth like a night out on the ultimate party island of Ibiza. Every year millions of tourists and party goers descend upon the exquisite selection of hedonistic clubs, colourful bars and exclusive destinations. In order to make sure you have the experience of a lifetime we have compiled the definitive guide to living your best life while living it up on the White Isle!

Choosing when to come

The island comes alive during the summer season between May and October and the height of the party calendar is August, when visitors to the island reach their peak. But with so many fantastic venues, clubs, bars and parties, whatever time of year you choose to arrive, you’ll be sure to find your beat.

The season starts in May with the International Music Summit (IMS) taking place between Ibiza Town and Playa d’en Bossa, although many superclubs such as Amnesia, Pacha, Ushuaïa and Privilege open their doors to clubbers around this time too, so the island has plenty of practice before the height of summer! Experienced partygoers and regulars to the island will constantly check individual clubs’ social media pages for exclusive party nights and celebrations. Get ahead of the queue and follow them before you arrive to ensure your ticket to the most lively and exclusive parties on the island.

As the summer season slows down and revellers return home to normality, you’ll find some awesome closing parties from mid-September through to mid-October where you can get your party fill to last until your next visit. Many smaller venues such as Sankeys and Pacha, as well as some independent clubs, remain open into autumn and you’ll be able to find club nights and parties all year round.

If you’re looking for a spectacular way to see in the New Year, grab a cheap flight and get yourself in to an amazing New Year’s Eve party in one of the many superclubs that open for extra special occasions. It’s a chance to experience a side to the island that is rarely seen during the busier summer season.

It is worth remembering that when the tourist numbers hit their peak across the island, prices for food, drink and club tickets are at their highest and queues at their longest. Booking tickets in advance can ensure that you are not disappointed and left on the outside of the hottest parties! Grab your Ibiza Club tickets and save today!

Choosing where to go

With over 30 world-renowned clubs on the island, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where to party. For first-time visitors, the selection can be overwhelming and daunting. Each destination promises to offer a unique experience and many clubs have their own ‘speciality’, whether in terms of music, ambience or venue.

Before you arrive on the island, do your homework and read some of the excellent reviews and guides to the island’s nightlife written by those in the know.

You can find many clubbing forums online where fellow Ibiza lovers share hints and tips when it comes to planning the ultimate night out.

Of course, being on the island will present you with a plentiful offering of parties, venues and activities to explore. Most hotels will have ‘inside’ information and can help you locate tickets to the hottest and most exclusive nights on Ibiza, not to mention the numerous club reps roaming the streets with tickets and offers for those looking for a party.

What to wear

With a reputation for hedonism and pleasure-seeking you’ll find the weird and the wonderful in every club and venue, and indeed, competition to out-do the over-done is fierce and encouraged. With this in mind it is rare to find clubs who will refuse clubbers, especially those with pre-booked tickets. For those looking to gain entry to the exclusive VIP lounges and clubs, you may want to make sure you avoid wearing shorts if you want to mix with the fashionable elite.

Avoid waiting in line

It will come as no surprise that Ibiza is swarming with visitors during the summer season, especially in August, and gaining entry to clubs and bars will often involve a bit of a wait in line. If you want to avoid spending your time on the pavement instead of the dancefloor, then booking your tickets online in advance is a no-brainer. Most clubs open their doors at midnight and queues can often disappear into the distance until around 3am, especially at popular destinations such as Amnesia and Pacha.

Drinking and Drugs

Make sure you bring appropriate identification when coming to the island; it will be needed to gain entry to the unique nightlife. The legal age for drinking alcohol is 18, although it is worth pointing out that it is illegal to drink alcohol on the streets. Clubs and venues operate a strict over-18 policy and ID is required to prove entry credentials.

According to Spanish law, using drugs in public places is prohibited, although not illegal, meaning you won’t face a prison sentence. Personal possession of drugs is not illegal, but there is difficulty proving what is ‘personal’ and what is ‘dealing’, so exercise caution and be careful.

Local police patrol constantly, especially in larger coastal resorts, and have the authority to stop and search locals and tourists, regularly breathalysing for drink and drug usage. Like at home, drinking or using drugs while driving is illegal and carries a severe prison sentence. If you intend to drive, avoid drugs and alcohol at all costs – with so many cabs, buses and rickshaws available there is no reason to drive under the influence.

Spanish alcohol measures are very generous and can vary from bar to bar. With so many offers on alcohol and happy hours everywhere you can guarantee a good deal wherever you go. Clubs operate a search policy and will discard any alcohol found on your person on entry, so it is best not to try!


If you are looking to go out every night and experience every club then make sure you are prepared to pay for the pleasure. Prices for famous parties at superclubs such as Solomun +1 and FMIF can range from €40 to €80, although it is possible to find cheaper entry prices, especially when booking in advance. Remember, this is the party capital and the clubs are unlike anything you will have experienced at home. The ticket prices are sometimes high, but the experience is one you will never forget.

Drinks in the clubs can be pricey and typically a vodka mixer will cost around €16 and a beer can cost up to €13. For those wishing to drink, it may be wise to visit local bars and smaller venues, where prices are considerably cheaper, before moving on to the clubs. The cost of nights out can quickly add up, so make sure you have a sensible budget in place before you arrive.