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Amnesia Ibiza Amnesia Ibiza

Amnesia Ibiza


Ibiza’s answer to warehouse raving where weighty basslines, big-room energy and high-octane spirit dominate. Take a turning off the highway and you know you’ve arrived by the oscillating thumps coming from inside. Amnesia – as its name suggests, invites you to go hard or go home.


Dj / Music
Tickets Available
VIP Tables Available
Adults Only
Accepts Debit/Credit cards
Free Wifi
Wheelchair Accessible
Car Parking
Close to Public Transport

About Us

Every night of the week you’ll find an unrelenting crowd maxing out its dual dancefloor and always till the very end. Dancing with your hands up in the air as sunlight breaks through the glass-roofed terrace is a classic moment. And you’ll find no end of select, power-hungry line-ups. Marco Carola, Ricardo Villalobos and Loco Dice are just a drop in this mighty ocean while the iconic Music On, Elrow and Together parties have the island tenaciously flocking. Whether you’re watching from the circling VIP balconies up above or having it on the floor, a rite of passage is breaking out of the doors after the final encore. Flooding into the day with a crew of revellers in tow, you’ll be walking as victorious ones as you hop into your ride back.

Why Amnesia?
Since 1976 Amensia has been a temple for unadulterated clubbing. A legendary institution still carrying the spirit of its ‘90s heyday, it’s quintessential vibe means you’ll find every age letting loose by the DJ booth. You’ll find rarer genres of music, too, like Latin-house and thunder-striking D&B as well as effervescent foam parties. Throw in the sexiest dancers alongside pummelling ice cannons and an exhilarating experience is guaranteed.

Where is Amnesia?
Located just outside of sleepy San Rafael, this powerhouse is a short taxi ride away from San Antonio for €10. It’s €20 from Bossa and €15 from Ibiza Town. For a few euros you can catch one of the frequently running disco buses from either major town. There’ll always be buses at the end so there’s no need to leave early to catch the last one.

Can I stay near Amnesia?
In its own secluded location, there’s no immediate accommodation nearby. San Antonio and Ibiza Town are the two closest locations that offer an endless range of places to stay.

How much does it cost at Amnesia?
Ticket prices vary dramatically depending on the party. Big league events such as Elrow or Music On can go up to €60, while average prices sit at €25-40. A beer at Amnesia costs €13 while spirit mixers start from €15, a bottle of water will set you back €9.