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Ibiza Weather
Ibiza Weather

Ibiza has the typical Mediterranean climate which is characterised by long, hot and dry summers whereas winter is quite mild.  The summer season starts from June and ends in September with maximum temperatures rising to 38°C. Thus, the summers are glorious and exciting and that explains why Ibiza is famous for exotic parties during this period. Winter on the other hand is mild and extremely cold temperatures are quite rare.

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In early spring, the temperatures in Ibiza are slightly cooler with daytime temperatures ranging between 10°C to 21°C. However, the average temperature in spring is 18°C and there is usually a decent amount of rainfall with refreshing evening breezes.


Between June and September, Ibiza is characterised by a lot of sunshine which lasts for an average of up to 11 hours per day in the hottest summer month of July. Summer nights in Ibiza are usually very warm as the temperatures barely fall below 20°C. Nonetheless, the general summer temperature keeps varying although it settles on an average of 26°C in June. There is little or no rainfall during summer and July has the lowest average rainfall which often increases once September approaches.


Autumn is usually characterised by increasing rainfall although the overall weather stays warm and friendly. The wettest month of autumn is October during which temperatures range to an average of 23°C during daytime. By November, temperatures lower to 19°C.


Unlike most countries in Central Europe and the Scandinavian, winter in Ibiza is not too harsh and temperatures rarely go very low. The average temperature between December and February is around 11°C although night temperatures usually fall down to between 8°C and 9°C. However, December is known to be moderately wet with about 90mm of rain on an average. Also, storms are very possible during winter and snow is rather experienced occasionally.

So with all this in mind, Ibiza can be a great place to visit and explore all year round!