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Cala Boix Cala Boix

Cala Boix



Amazing Views
Family Friendly
Car Parking

The Beach

With dark grey sand which you will not find anywhere else on the island, Cala Boix is an intriguing beach to visit. Beautiful high cliffs surround it and the sea here looks even more blue than anywhere else against the darker sand!

It is not easy to access if you are in a wheelchair or have a pushchair with you as you have to take a steep descending path down to the shore.

Famous for their fish menus, there are three restaurants at Cala Boix, all of which are a popular choice for the islands locals, which is testament to just how good the food is here and with one of them sitting on the cliff tops, you can eat lunch with one of the best views on the island.

The closest place is San Carlos, a 10 minute drive away.