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Cala Conta Cala Conta

Cala Conta



Amazing Views
Sunset Views
Family Friendly
Car Parking

The Beach

800 meters of sand, sun , sea and dunes; Cala Conta (aka Platges de Comte) really is a slice of perfection! Look out to the horizon and you are treated to a fantastic view of some of Ibizas smaller islands. Look in land, and you see sun loungers, beach bars and golden sand. All of this surrounded by turquoise, waters and you can see why Cala Conta is known as the best beach on the island.

With this reputation, you can presume that it is going to be a busy beach, and to secure your place, we recommend you arrive early so you can beat the crowd and enjoy everything it has to offer.

The beach itself is split into three parts; a stretch of sand surrounded by dunes, another backed by rocks and a third cove like area that is frequented by naturists. It makes for a beach of exploration if you so wish and you can spend you day discovering each part, as well as swimming in the shallow waters, or if you are a strong swimmer and feeling brave, head out to one of the smaller islands!

As Cala Conta faces the Famous Ibiza Sunset, it is a fantastic place to sit and watch this natural delight and you will watch boats slowly gather and drop anchor as the day draws to a close!

There are restaurants dotted along the beach, where you can get some excellent local seafood dishes, and if you want to see how a bohemian beach restaurant feels, head over to Sunset Ashram, with its panoramic views, relaxing atmosphere and Dj’s playing the right tracks to accompany your day to night transition.

San Antonio is the closest resort to Cala Conta, which has a wide variety of accommodation and facilities on offer.