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Cala d’en Serra Cala d’en Serra

Cala d’en Serra



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Amazing Views

The Beach

With one of the most beautiful vistas on the island, Cala d’en Serra is well off the beaten track but offers a truly unique beach experience.

Positioned in the north of Ibiza and a 15-minute drive from the resort of Portinatx, a trip to Cala d’en Serra is not without its difficulties. At times the road is little more than a gravel path with many potholes and steep inclines that wind around the hillside, but visitors are rewarded by the breath-taking views of the bright turquoise ocean in the bay below.

The beach is popular with those who wish to connect with their surroundings and feel at home in nature. Although narrow, the bay at Cala d’en Serra gives the impression there is room for all. The beautiful sands and very shallow warm waters mean that the beach is enjoyed by all, and families who make the long journey feel at home in the bay. For those wishing to explore the world under the sea, Cala d’en Serra provides crystal clear waters that reveal the gems below – a snorkeller’s paradise. Guests should be aware that there are no official water sports on the beach and it is renowned for its tranquil and serene atmosphere.

Visitors can hire sun loungers and parasols from vendors on the beach to make their stay all the more comfortable, although there is plenty of room to find a spot on the sand and spread your blanket for a relaxing day should this be preferred.

With rows of traditional boat houses on one edge of the beach there is a rural and almost traditional feel to the beach that harks back to the once important fishing trade. Beyond the beach, rows of lush green trees conceal rustic abandoned buildings that give clues to the bay’s previous life. There is also a small, vibrantly decorated hut that sells a range of snacks and drinks and does a fine line in fresh smoothies and fruit juices – the perfect accompaniment to a day catching rays on the beach.