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Cala Salada



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The Beach

Just a 15 minute drive from San Antonio, and only accessible by car we may add, Cala Salada is more of a locals beach than a tourist attraction. Its protected, sandy cove does not accept tourist ferries, so if you want to go there, you will have to find your own way there.

The waters are clear, mottled light turquoise and a deep, dark blue further out however it is shallow close to the beach itself and is perfect for swimming. A nice mix of soft sand for walks and lounging and rocks that are just begging to be dived off make this a popular destination in summer.

Cala Salada is not just a beach for swimming and sunbathing. It is a popular place for naturalists as it is surrounded by caves that are famous for Bronze Age cave paintings and if you fancy a bit of a trek, you can head back to the entrance to the bay, turn right and walk a dirt path and head up the cliffs for one of the most amazing views you will see.

Hungry after your little adventure? Head back to the main beach and there is a small restaurant that serves amazing traditional dishes and is always full of island residents!

The nearest place to stay is San Antonio where you can have your pick of hotels, hostels, bars and restaurants as well as the world famous West End bars and clubs