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The Beach

If immersing yourself into a state of complete relaxation in stunningly beautiful surroundings is what you’re searching for, then look no further than the beach at Es Torrent.

Nestled in the south of the island, around 8 kilometres from the village of Sant Josep, the attractive beach of Es Torrent is hidden by thick pine forests that seem to create a calm, serene atmosphere. The beach has an air exclusivity, chiefly from the rows of immaculate beach beds and gleaming white towels that lay across the sands. There is even a wooden promenade that runs directly to the shoreline for those wishing to avoid having sand between their toes. The ocean is shallow as it runs on to the beach, making it suitable for a paddle or a gentle swim. It is advisable to bring appropriate footwear as the sea can be stony in places along the shore.

As the beach radiates an aura of serenity you will not find much in the way of adrenaline-pumping activity such as water skiing or parasailing. The beach’s simplicity is its main selling point: just you, the sea, the sand, the pines and a good book. The clientele tends to be couples rather than typical Ibizan thrill seekers or families, but the relaxing and tranquil environment could be the perfect escape from the ordinary beach day in Ibiza.

For those looking to move off the sand there is a local restaurant within a few metres walk that specialises in traditional Mediterranean cuisine, although the prices do reflect the beach’s exclusive reputation. The beach also offers an array of shops selling jewellery, fine gifts and the latest fashion.  For those looking to turn the day into one they’ll never forget, don’t forget to visit the beach side masseuse to truly experience paradise!