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Playa Sa Guardiola Playa Sa Guardiola

Playa Sa Guardiola



Adults Only
Amazing Views

The Beach

Well hidden from even the most adventurous tourists, and quite a distance from the nearest resorts in the north of Ibiza, a visit to Playa Sa Guardiola offers a beach experience unlike any other on the island.

Protected by the stunning natural geography of rocks and cliffs, only the brave will access the beach via foot over a host of rocky outcrops and rock pools that form this spectacular terrain. However, for those who do make the journey, tranquillity and serenity await.

The neighbouring beach of Puerto Portinatx offers most of the amenities that visitors will need, such as food and drink and showers, whereas Sa Guardiola has just the bare essentials needed for a beach experience: the sea and sand. Due to its secluded nature, the beach does not offer sun loungers and parasols; being accessible by foot means it would also be difficult to bring your own! The ocean at Sa Guardiola does offer the perfect spot for snorkelling and the rugged landscape above and beneath the sea is an Aladdin’s cave of marine treasures. Without local guides and expeditions, there is a unique freeness to exploring the world below the water alone in an area untouched by development and modernisation. Swimmers can safely explore the crystal Mediterranean easily as the shallow waters lead explorers to a small cave on a tiny island just off the beach where visitors will feel like the first to reach this secret destination. For those wishing to experience the seascape without visiting the beach, there are a number of boat excursions that cruise along this magnificent coastline.

For those looking for true tranquillity and isolation in order to take time out from the modern world, Playa Sa Guardiola is a slice of paradise that offers an instant reconnection with the simple things in life so often taken for granted. Visitors be warned! A trip to this wonderfully relaxing and secluded spot will guarantee that you never look at a regular beach resort in the same way again.