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S’Arenal Petit S’Arenal Petit

S’Arenal Petit



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The Beach

Often overlooked in favour of the larger resort of S’Arenal Gran, the idyllic beach as S’Arenal Petit offers a laidback and sophisticated atmosphere and modern amenities that keep visitors coming back year after year. The clientele of S’Arenal Petit tends to be couples and those without kids. This could be due to the number of hotels that specialise in catering for visitors without offspring that are dotted around the beach.

The beach is defined by a small stretch of golden sand, surrounded by a flat rock plateau and Mediterranean greenery.  The turquoise waters are shallow and clear around S’Arenal and are perfect for viewing the unique marine world around the north of Ibiza, with interesting rock formations and species easily visible with goggles or masks. After the bath in the revitalising sea, you can utilise the showers on the beach to wash off the saltwater.

The beach is connected to the larger S’Arenal Gran by a long, flat promenade lined with souvenir shops and snack bars selling refreshing drinks and nibbles. You can also stock up on beach essentials such as suntan lotion and blankets. A cosy cocktail bar with a relaxing outdoor terrace serves as the perfect point for watching the evening fall on a perfect day beside the sea.

Past the beaches’ fishing huts in the surrounding area of the bay, is a wanderlust paradise with beautiful scenic sea views presenting more than enough perfect picture opportunities for budding photographers.