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BLOOP Festival IBIZA splashes colors on the white isle
20th July 2020 0 comments

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival IBIZA, one of the world` s best street art event is celebrating its 10th anniversary from 6th August til 5th September, dedicated to the theme MEMORY. This completely free open to all fiesta will push open doors in a smaller format this summer.

The backdrop of the event is the haven of entertainment, tolerance and freedom that is facing unprecedented changes this year. Due to the extraordinary events unfolding in 2020, the extravagant side will take a break this year leading the tourism to focus solely on the crystalline beaches and lush nature. A side that has always attracted too little attention considering its rich natural heritage.
An open air installation by AMADAMA at PIKES IBIZA

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival


The BLOOP is a completely free fiesta with the ethos “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY” that seeks to sensitize and encourage people “to think” proactively through exhibited artworks. It has welcomed nearly an average of 90,000 visitors per year and it is Ibiza` s authentic longest running art festival.
Through the course of its decade it opened doors to over 300 exhibitions, special events, workshops for children and many more activities, it has also sprinkled over 60 murals and installations across the island called the OpenAir.Gallery, which nearly 30 of them can still be seen today.


BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival

This summer, the usual Ibiza party goers will not even step foot on the isla blanca due to all the closures. In other words, all the nature and art can be embraced in maximum tranquility with most likely “quiet” tourists, such as couples, families and retirees.

For BLOOP` s milestone edition in micro format with fewer artworks showcased than previous years, the murals will revive in color again brightening the white isle along the crystal blue beaches with universal inclusive Art. Completely independent and free for everybody.

In murky times like these, BLOOP believes that Art has the power to enrich the soul, everybody` s with no exceptions: art aficionado or not, privileged or unprivileged, adult or child, majority or minority, everybody has their own right and it is our duty as human beings to broaden the path for who are not included. Regardless of nationality, race, sex, or any sort of superficial category that we impose on ourselves.

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival

“ART IS FOR EVERYBODY” and everybody is strictly inclusive for BLOOP.
A temporary open air installation by Vlady

BLOOP International Proactive Art FestivalThe world` s first Festival entirely dedicated to Proactive Art with the ethos “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY” seeks to render art universal and accessible to everybody, transcending genres, mediums and all forms of art.
The street art side gained reputation for the project called the OpenAir.Gallery that has welcomed more than 60 outdoor murals and installations during the years, nearly 30 works can still be seen today. In recent years there has been a slight shift towards new technologies applied to art as a new form of comprehensible language for a universal audience.

During the course of the decade this independent fiesta paved its way to consolidating its position as one of the best street art festivals in the world.