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Carl Cox smashes One Night Stand at DC10
19th July 2019 0 comments

On Friday 12th July the ‘One Night Stand’ Party returned to DC10 for their summer residency. This party attracts real underground music enthusiasts, with Game Overs’ on point line up this night  was guaranteed to provide the best underground music available on the island . As we entered the club we were drawn to the open air garden stage where Dan Genacia was providing an irresistible  groove, with his dubby, hypnotic stripped down beats, his musical selection and ease on the decks showed his vintage experience and the sound of DC10 has never been more exemplified than with Dan.

Carl Cox started his garden set with driving percussive, energetic tech inspired  sounds. The baying crowd increased and we were all pushed forward, the level of excitement in the air was palpable and the feeling was that we were in for a master class from a true legend was evident.

Carl started his set with his famous ‘Oh Yes Oh Yes’ phrase and it was as if someone had pushed an ‘On’ button and the pace and atmosphere stepped up. The energy from Carl continued through his set with classic house tracks mixed in with fresh new sounds that drove the crowd into a frenzy. After half an hour of dancing front centre and getting soaked by the much needed cold water steamers we ventured into the interior club rooms and were met with Micheal James in the main room and Javier Carballo on the terrace.

Canary isle born Javier Carballo started his main room set with a minimal and low end groove, and he dropped throughout his set elements of brakes that surprised the crowd who were kept in his room as were we for the duration. We expected intelligent grooves from the ‘Overall Music’  record label owner and he didn’t disappointed. We enjoyed the percussive references and the unique style Javier has with fresh sounds and his technical ability demonstrated we stayed with him to the end of his set. A short stay 3 hours at DC10 for no other reason than life got in the way but the three artists we saw confirmed our expectations and once again we had a great Game Over night, thanks to the team for having us and we look forward to the next show on August 9th.

Holly Reed and James Reid
Nitro Entertainment