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Review | Craig David’s TS5 Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks
31st July 2016 0 comments

Craig David is such a legend. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect as the sun beat down on Ibiza Rocks once again on a sweltering afternoon…but if you’re looking for the quick summary of whether you should buy a ticket and go… God yes, twice.

Jeans, jacket, shirt, jumper and trainers – it makes absolutely no sense in the 35 degree heat, but then neither does the fact that the ‘Fill me in’ star of the early naughties draws a full capacity crowd at one of Ibiza’s biggest venues, and then absolutely crushes it.

Here’s the thing, Craig David isn’t Liam Gallagher, or Moby, or Morrisey, it’s not a question of either liking or disliking and then no ground for anything in between. Craig David is a showman, a pool of talent, wisdom, creativity, charm and charisma all wrapped up into a performer who’ll DJ and sing his own set, keep every member of the crowd’s attention and leave you begging for more. How has he come back so strong? A PR team that could make a funeral attractive…maybe – but to be honest the only thing that was probably stopping Craig’s comeback was the infamy surrounding, well, being Craig David, a star that rose too high not to fall.

His set was divided between his classics which do not need naming and completed with his new tune ‘One More Time,’ amongst the backing tracks of pop songs of the last year which he freestyled over, mesmerically.

There was some silly prices being quoted for tickets to go and see the Craig, a 65 euro quote had a lady quickly check to make sure she hadn’t gone back in time, but as if by some sort of magic a passer by chirped in ‘Pay the money, Seven Days live made me.’ (If you book earlier, you will not being paying anywhere near this price) So she did. Craig Hype had started.

I didn’t want him to stop and to be honest, he didn’t seem to want to either. He seems both equally humbled and shocked by his rediscovered fame and this time he wants to make sure everyone know how thankful he is. Ibiza Rocks’ booked a winner in Craig.

There are some huge nights this Summer in Ibiza, but is Craig David the must see for new and old time’s sake? Yes, twice.

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