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Cuttin’ Headz meets Fuse: Two esteemed families, one unprecedented vibe
12th August 2019 0 comments

Friday nights at DC10 are the new Monday mornings…

Famous for being famous, DC10 is Ibiza’s only true underground clubbing space. Notorious for showcasing unparalleled standards of quality underground music, the Salinas nightclub has carved out its elevated position through its no-holds barred, hedonistic weekly servings every Monday and Wednesday with Circoloco and Paradise respectively. Now in the midst of August, the same applies to Friday nights, and who better to get the ball rolling than Cuttin’ Headz and Fuse?

The second of three outings from Cuttin’ Headz in the party capital this year, this is a closely-knit crew thriving within the talented confinements of the much larger and beloved Circoloco family tree. Following on from the success of their charismatic Tuskegee episode with fellow DC10 favourite, Seth Troxler, in 2018, and countless headline appearances from the club’s flagship event on Monday nights, it was only fitting that The Martinez Brothers were offered the keys to the island’s underground kingdom, and boy have they delivered.

Cutting Headz Crew DC10 Ibiza

Siblings from the Bronx, this was the first time the brothers had thrown an Ibiza party under their label name since their one-off shows with Troxler. The first of three this summer, Chris and Steve stamped their authoritative imprint on DC10 for 2019 with an exceptional back-to-back performance with global techno juggernaut, Marco Carola. Noteworthy and memorable on all accounts, Cuttin’ Headz in June further underlined The Martinez Brothers’ status as White Isle mainstays and enhanced their fruitful relationship with DC10 to higher levels.

Elsewhere, Main Room duties fell to the hands of the FUSE family as label head, Enzo Siragusa, treated minimal loyalists to an all-night-long deliverance of back-to-back specials with a hand-picked line-up of some of his nearest and dearest. For those itching to see DC10 in a new light, FUSE’s ‘A Decade of Rave’ appearance was deemed unmissable by many, and judging by how packed the dance floor was, many revellers stayed true to their word.

FUSE regular, Rossko, was Enzo’s opening partner-in-crime for the night’s proceedings. Powerful, slick and grooving throughout, you could feel the translation of raver to record collector was present during track selection between the two. Scanning through an enviable and relentless library of cutting-edge house and techno, Enzo and Rossko worked in the likes of Burnski’s Remix of Rossko’s ‘The Step Up’ and one from Casey Spillman’s debut Infuse outing, ‘Avec Moi’. XL, deep warm up vibes indeed.

Cutting Headz Crew DC10

Back in the Terrace, The Martinez Brothers were in their element. Raised on their father’s love for Paradise Garage, the Circo favourites dropped dance-floor ready bombs throughout, rhythm after rhythm. Characterised by a quizzical, psychedelic feel, humidity levels were turned up to the max but were made all the more welcoming by the positivity oozing from the synergy the pair created. Reinterpreting r’n’b, disco and funk classics, their discernible dance floor style was brought to life with insertions from their latest mixtape, ’Space Jams Vol. 1’, including rousing edits of Janet Jackson’s ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately’ and Fatback Band’s ‘Going To See My Baby’.

Next up alongside Enzo was Argentine wizard, Guti. Drawing up his own distinct journey thus far, the philosophy of Guti was one which intrigued all on this particular bill. Sensible yet intense, his fusion with the pure, undiluted sounds of Enzo made for a diverse yet unified Main Room. Meticulous to detail in selection, heavy bass licks complimented by crisp percussion was the agenda which evolved into two hours of non-stop, floor-shaking house and techno – a little heavier than the FUSE faithful are accustomed to but thrilling nonetheless.

Fellow FUSE mainstay, Seb Zito, closed out operations with Enzo from 4:30am onwards. A real weapon in the London party’s locker, Seb has a natural affinity with the dance floor. One in which he uses intelligently to construct and develop a connection with ravers, taking them even deeper into his own sound and space. Echoing his desires of a more raw sound, smart inclusions like Audiojack’s Remix of his latest production, ‘Breakin’, illustrated this permeating his music to devastating effect.

Fuse & Cutting Headz Crew DC10

With the night soon drawing to a close, it was only right that we delved back into the Terrace for some more Cuttin’ Headz musical therapy. Ubiquitously popular, the bros continued to explore their New York dance music roots serving up dark, raw grooves with a variety of cut-up vocal accents directing tingles up and the down the spines of those present. However, the stand-out moment came when they effortlessly worked in their latest collaboration with Rudimental, ’Stigawana’ – a track aimed squarely at the floor blending together a solid, locked groove with tribal percussion and entrancing vocals.

Despite Ibiza tourism on the decrease in 2019, DC10 is as popular as its ever been, and more so now with the Friday night fire available in August. Whilst a lot of time within the former aircraft hangar can be spent wandering around aimlessly on your own looking for friends who have ventured off for toilet breaks, this unique, red hot White Isle combo of Cuttin’ Headz and FUSE ensured most of my time was spent thriving in one of the summer’s most spectacular and unprecedented island vibes.