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Dj Chris Coco

Resident Dj: 7Pines Ibiza

I first came to Ibiza in the 90s when I was editor of DJ magazine.

It actually changed the course of my life it the inevitable cliche of a way. I went to Cafe Del Mar to hear Jose Padilla playing for a sunset and it made me understand something new about DJing.
It didn’t have to be all about making people dance, following trends in club music and what were I felt at the time a series of formulas and tropes that everybody followed.
Here was a man playing for people and making a soundtrack for a natural spectacle. That experience encouraged me to make more experimental music and play more adventurously when I was DJing…….. I haven’t looked back since!

This spring / early summer I am releasing a new album called Indigo.
Chris Coco

Most of it was written in Ibiza, though there’s a strong Japanese connection in there too. Some of the tracks are island inspired.
One track is called La Torre, after those wonderful towers dotted around the coast. Pou Des Lleó is obviously inspired by the beautiful beach and headland in the east of the island.
You Are Exactly Where You Need to be is a collaboration with Swedish artist Hush Forever, made in a couple of different houses in the north of the island. And see if you can spot the peacocks of San Carlos on there too!

Here’s a link to the title track:

This summer I am resident DJ for the sunset session at 7 Pines Ibiza. It’s a great clifftop location I’ll also be spinning poolside at Pikes and working with the Homies crew on some special parties. My weekly Melodica radio show will also be coming direct from the island with a little help from Ibiza Sonica.

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