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Discover Ibiza’s Secret Beaches
20th July 2018 0 comments

With two million tourist descending on Ibiza every year, it is not a surprise that the beaches are usually pretty rammed and finding some peace and quiet may seem impossible.

How do the locals cope, you may ask and it is usually because as tourists, you only know about the main beaches; the places that travel companies want to push you to because they are closer to the amenities.  The locals, however have years of knowledge about where the best places to go off the beaten track are and as such, can enjoy relatively quieter areas of the island even at high season.

Keep it close to your chest, but we have the down low on where to go to get a little slice of tranquillity on one of Ibiza’s secret beaches.

  1. Cala d’Albarca

    Cala d’Albarca Beach
    Cala d’Albarca Beach

A little closer to San Antonio de Portmany sits the small creek beach of Cala d’Albarca; high cliffs with pine trees look down on a small hillside and reddish coast and if wildlife is your thing then this is one for you.  Cala d’Albarca is home to many species of birds that are threatened with extinction such as the falcon marine.

A beautiful landscape holds within it stories of pirates and sea men that visited its shores during the 16th and 17th centuries and with some stunning views to be seen you can see why!

  1. Es Niu de S’Aquila

Located in Sant Josep on the coast of Es Cubells, this beach boasts beautiful steep cliffs and 200 metres of brown pebbles and gravel that sink into turquoise waters.

It is a secret beach due to how difficult it is to get there, so not one to visit if you have limited mobility or very young children.

It is so pristine that there are no amenities to speak of and you won’t find many people that will be able to say they have been there, which makes it one to visit if you ask us!

  1. Cala Tarida
    Cala Tarida Beach Ibiza
    Cala Tarida Beach Ibiza


Now, Cala Tarida itself is not what you would call secret; it boasts a lot of tourist hotels for a start.  However, wander a little further and you will find many little coves dotted around the shoreline.  Hidden amongst the cliffs and rocks, you may be lucky enough to find your own personal beach for a few hours.  Do not be surprised if you stumble across people in their birthday suits though as they take advantage of a bit of outdoor privacy!

The coves here are beautiful sandy horseshoes with azure coloured waters lapping against them and it just begs for a little afternoon swimming; or skinny dipping if that takes your fancy!

  1. Cala Olivera

Of all the secret beaches that we visited, this has to be our favourite.  Climb the cliffs and stare out over pine forests and ocean waters of teal and deepest navy.  Take off your hiking shoes and wander along the 30 meters of fine white sand or dip your toes into the calm lapping waters.  It really is a slice of paradise here and you may even be lucky enough to bump into a celebrity, as it is close to Roca Llisa; a popular area for those in high society looking for some peace and quiet

  1. Es Portitxol

    Es Portitxol ibiza
    Es Portitxol beach ibiza

Again, not one for limited mobility, this teardrop  shaped stretch of beach is  reached by walking down a rickety path which is part of the reason that the beach has been able to retain its place as a secret beach.  Not secret however to the fishing community, who use it as a social meeting place as well as the perfect place to launch their boats from.

Take your time on your decent; not just for safety but so that you can take in the glorious views of sheer cliff faces that seem to melt away into the depths of the coves clear waters

One of our favourite places to discover…

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