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Ryan McDermott

Resident Dj: Cafe Mambo

Hey everyone, my name is Ryan McDermott, Im a DJ from Sunderland, Uk. Ive been DJi’ing for the best part of ten years now, starting playing locally in Sunderland in Lola’s Bar where I was a Saturday night resident from 2011 – 2016.

This gave me a great start and knowledge about dji’ing as I was playing really long hours there from the start, so an 6-8 hour shift is nothing new to me haha. I came to Ibiza may 2016 with a dream to take this weekend hobby and turn it into a career if I could, and I have had some amazing experiences in this short time scale.

In my first season alone I became a resident on the famous sunset strip at Savannah, where I started playing the laidback day time sessions until I was given the opportunity to cover for  a night time DJ which then led to my sunset / evening residency being secured.

Through a mutual friend I met the DJ Doorly, who offered me a chance to play at his Doorly & Friends party at the infamous Pikes Hotel, starting the party off round the pool. From that set I then became a resident for Doorly & Friends Parties in Ibiza, playing pikes a couple more times, those times in the ‘main’ room known as Freddie’s, if you don’t know why its called Freddies or much about Pikes I really recommend checking it out or reading up on its long amazing history!

Through playing at these parties I developed what has became a very strong friendship with Doorly, and during 2016 after the Pikes parties he invited me down to play at the world famous Cafe Mambo, again for a Doorly and Friends night where I played the last half an hour before handing over to the mambo resident who finished off the night.

The stars aligned that night because the owner of Cafe Mambo spoke to me afterwards and asked if I would like to be a resident at the bar in 2017,  of course as im sure any DJ would tell you I could not believe it but I have now been there for 2 successful season’s and I am loving every minute.

2017 was an even better year, starting as a Mambo and Savannah resident playing at both venues 2-3 times a week, I also got to play in more local bars in San Antonio, Ibiza Rocks Bar, Itaca, Hush and Rio being examples.

It was also the year I was able to tick off a Ibiza super club off my list when I played Eden as a resident for the Faction brand. Again I was able to play at Pikes hotel for the Doorly and Friends parties, which I still remain a resident for.

2018 as my 3rd year in Ibiza, was again more of the same, playing a lot more frequently at other venues such as Cala Bassa, Deeva Beach club, and also becoming a resident at another sunset strip bar being Mint Lounge which is open until Halloween, allowing me to stay in Ibiza for the longest I have done.

Since becoming a resident for Cafe Mambo, I have also been involved in a couple of the Mambo Tours with the Mamboland agency which I have absolutely loved, going from Barcelona to playing Belfast for New Years Eve and then down to Butlins Bognor Regis for Mambo Legends, ive loved every one, if it starts with B you can catch me there.

Since leaving Ibiza in October 2018 ive been dj’ing consistently every week in my home city of Sunderland and also started playing in a fantastic bar in Darlington called Avalon, somewhere im calling myself an adopted resident but thats not official!

Up until February 2019 I was home, before being offered a chance to be a resident in a four seasons resort in the Maldives! On the island of Landaa GIravaruu, where as of today March 20th 2019 I am here and writing this, another amazing opportunity to live here and experience a new culture for 2 months before I will be returning to ibiza for my 4th season in may 2019,  Where again I will be taking up my residencies at Cafe Mambo, Savannah and Mint Lounge amongst others.

I always have set myself  targets every year to play at least 2-3 new venues every season, and this year I would love to play Ocean Beach or Hostel La torre, two very different venues with different music policies but both I see as a challenge for me as a DJ.

A main dream for me personally would be able to play for the Glitterbox brand at Hi, or anywhere in the world for that matter as that is my favourite night on the island.

if you are coming to Ibiza this season you will no doubt catch me there every Sunday night, if not come say hello for a drink and a dance on the sunset strip!!