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Dj Howard Hill

Resident Dj: Cala Bonita beach

Hi, I’m Howard Hill

I am one of a relatively small group of DJ’s who champion the Balearic ethos of DJing. That is to say I generally plays very eclectic sets over several hours covering most genres and creating something of a musical journey.

I first came to Ibiza over 20 years ago and was immediately smitten by the daytime vibe of Salina beach. DJing didn’t follow immediately as at the time I was working as a writer/director producing music documentaries for Channel Four TV.

When I  did start to DJ in London, round the turn of the century, my vision was clearly set on bringing the eclectic Balearic vibe to London. Starting off playing the trendy Primrose Hill bar ‘The Steeles’ my reputation quickly spread keeping me busy in the private party scene while also holding residencies in a variety of venues including the Lockside Lounge in the heart of Camden market.

I moved permanently to Ibiza in 2012 and that same year Space magazine (The life style mag of the Internationally acclaimed club Space) named me as ‘Best daytime DJ’. That is certainly doesn’t mean that I only plays daylight hours but I am most often found playing beaches, poolsides, rooftops and countless private villa and yacht parties where my sets typify the Balearic vibe.

For the past few years I have held residencies the famous Pikes Hotel, secluded beach restaurant Cala Bonita, Atzaro Spa Hotel and their Cala Nova beach bar, The Harbour Club, Es Vive Hotel, ME Ibiza and Coco Beach.

During the winter months I often return for periods in London where I am a regular playing at the acclaimed Vault @ Putney Pies and Soho’s media haven The Groucho Club. This year I also played a number of private parties and flew to Madrid to play a launch party for upmarket fashion house Loewe.

For summer season 2019 I will be the primary resident at Cala Bonita beach restaurant where I will be playing several times a week but also playing regular and one off gigs around the island, continuing my mission to bring the delights of the Balearic journey to as many people as possible.

Having a very inquisitive musical taste it is almost impossible to present something that will capture my musical style in one mix so here are a selection of recent 2 hour mixes which capture the diversity of my taste which covers everything from lush Chillout to raving Latin Tribal beats.

Organic & Electric Sunshine

This was produced a couple of years ago but is still a favourite mix as it features several of my musical fascinations. Firstly ‘Organic’, which comprises traditional music, primarily from South America, with a minimal techno twist. Secondly, Latin Tribal beats. Third, what I like to call ‘Electronic Desert’ to describe Deep House beats with middle eastern melodies and instrumentation. These are combined with a further selection of Sun Drenched Techno including a couple of ‘Granular’ tunes – you’ll see what I mean 😎

Lo-Fi Balearic

Over the last summer I’ve become somewhat entranced by the Lo-Fi genre. One definition of the genre explains that Lo-fi is: “An aesthetic of recorded music in which the sound quality is lower than the usual contemporary standards”. I disagree. Rather than lowering the standard I feel that it has broadened it by including distressed, degraded, muddy and phased layers as elements of the musical palette. It is also often quite psychedelic which suits my sensibility. This mix features a selection of my recent favourite Lo-Fi tunes plus one track, Hausch by Andhim that came out a few years back but which might well have been a flag waver for this emerging genre.

Of course as alway my Balearic mindset wont let me focus on just one genre so this mix also contains a goodly assortment of Balearic eclecticism and silliness.😎

Let’s Dance

Someone once described me as playing chilled stuff. This isn’t 😎. This is 2 hours of full on dance starting with straight house and moving on through Afro, Latin, techno, electro, deep house and more.