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Erik Pastrana

Resident Dj: Hotel Mim Es Vive

Hi there!

My name is Erik Schlafke Pastrana, also known as Erik Pastrana. I am 20 years old and i was born in Ibiza.

At the age of 15 my parents bought me two cdj’s and a mixer to start with. After practicing for more than two years i started working as a resident on a very nice place called La Cava from the Cafe Mambo group. I always loved the music but once i started mixing for money it was not a simple work for me, it was dream coming true.

With the years if been mixing in many places all around the island.

I like all styles of music but in the future i will concentrate my career in Tech House  music. I am a normal boy with a great sense of humor and a lot of energy to continue growing as a Dj.

My family is a very important part in my job beacuse thanks to the support they give me I’m where I am. I think is hard as a father or a mother to support your son to be a Dj but my one’s always told me i have to do what i love. That’s why i alsways have to say thank you to them.

Today you can find me in the Hotel Mim Es Vive as the Dj resident of the hotel and in my social networks you can follow all my gigs.

Great greetings, Erik Pastrana.


Instagram: DjErikPastrana