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A Traditional Village

San Juan Sant Joan de Labritja

For travellers looking for an alternative view of Ibiza, San Juan, ‘the last village in Ibiza’, offers an unforgettable spiritual and rural retreat.

Visitors to San Juan will find themselves immersed in 18th-century whitewashed Ibicenco architecture. The quaint and quiet main street presents a beautiful view: illuminated with delicate flowers, the sweet scent draws you towards a maze of charming cobbled streets and ancient wooden doorways.

A world away from the tourist hotspots of San Antonio and Ibiza Town, San Juan hosts a number of agrotourism hotels that offer visitors the chance to step back in time and experience quiet and rural island life. Over the years the village has become popular with travellers seeking to embrace a spiritual and healthier way of life.

Visitors to San Juan must experience the local artisan market, held every Sunday in the village square, offering a complete contrast to the usual pace of life during the week. With a tempting selection of organic produce and handcrafted items such as soaps, leatherwear, candles and jewellery, it is paradise for those who appreciate unique local markets. Once the traders pack away their wares, be sure to stay a while to enjoy local bands and singers playing in the village square as you indulge in refreshments from one of the local bars. Understandably, the market is extremely popular with islanders and tourists.

The town hosts Fiesta De San Juan on June 23rd and 24th, celebrating Saint John the Baptist, the patron saint of San Juan. Festivities begin with fireworks and bonfires on the evening of the 23rd, to welcome the summer to the village. Tourists are encouraged to take part in the customs and traditions that are truly unique to San Juan.

San Juan’s only beach, Cala San Vicente, is charming and accessed via a scenic, windy road that weaves through stunning pine-clad hills.

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