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Hed Kandi
20th June 2019 0 comments

A tale of global domination, Hed Kandi is a name best known for throwing stylish, lavish parties chock-full of the hottest electronic dance music. What begun in 1999 as a compilation brand to now a label and residency, wherever you are in the world you are sure to find one of the fiestas. The concept was dreamed up by Mark Doyle and features the iconic Hed Kandi girl imagery – a look that graces CD covers to track releases. From earlier days pumping out UK Top 10 singles to albums in their hundreds, the accessible sound Hed Kandi champions has had itself firmly established as an authority in the world of dance music.

The events founded in London and Ibiza kicked off in 2002 and have been rolling ever since. These days you can be in Dubai, Sydney or Sao Paolo and catch a piece of the sizzling action. Inside the world of Hed Kandi, glamorous dancers in extravagant costume set the stage for sexy, effervescent and energy-fuelled rhythms. Drenching dancefloors in chirpy house and bubbly disco, the parties don’t stop short at providing a roof-raising atmosphere. With bellowing vocals layered over insatiable beats, the following that amasses at these events similarly match the feel-good soundscape.

Bedazzling in every way, the interiors at a Hed Kandi knees-up are always one of pure indulgence. What was once a regular appearance at San Antonio’s Es Paradis venue, the wildly popular concept is now a fully immersive experience at O Beach Ibiza. A fitting match for a spectacular event, the sleek and glitzy space of the beach club only proves to elevate shenanigans and more. Encouraging those who enter to live it up all the way, surprise comes in the form of live percussionists, singers and over-the-top production. Without doubt a Hed Kandi party is all about a happening and fun-filled time and nothing else.

For this residency, age and experience definitely do all of the talking. Two decades in running successful, acclaimed events and it doesn’t look like there’s any slowing down any time soon. Hed Kandi is a glimmering, enticing world for those who seek it.

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