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Help the Ibiza Food Bank
16th May 2020 0 comments
The charity helping the island’s farmers and feeding its residents.

In these times of economic hardship, it’s a welcoming sight to see people coming together to aid each other through this difficult period. A new charitable start-up which is helping both the farmers and the residents of the White Isle is the Ibiza Food Bank, founded by local businessman Luke Peppe.

The charity’s first aim is to tackle the problem of farm crop surplus in Ibiza, a knock-on effect of Covid-19’s commercial consequences. Farmers who would usually be selling their produce to hotels, clubs and other businesses for the tourist season are now unable to harvest and make money to survive.

Additionally, the charity is looking to lend a helping hand to the people of the island. Service industry employees and many others now find themselves without income, savings or food, due to Ibiza’s economic 6-month cycle being affected. Most would have been working in their summer jobs by this point and with the current Coronavirus situation, the season ahead is looking unpromising.

To tackle these two major issues the Ibiza Food Bank is operating three supportive initiatives. Firstly, they are calling for volunteers to help work the farmland to harvest leftover crops. Secondly, the organisation is calling for your donations so that farmers can be paid for their fresh organic produce.

The final scheme involves the sorting, creation and distribution of food packages to be distributed to families on Ibiza and Red Cross, Caritas and Doctors of the World charities. Food donations to the charity are also more than welcome and can be dropped off at the bank’s sorting hub in Playa d’en Bossa.

Founder Luke Peppe had this to say;

“As a foreigner who has lived in Ibiza for 17 years, I feel it’s my duty to try and help” he explained. “I feel this charity will be a lifeline to many individuals and families this summer. Ibiza will experience a once in a lifetime downturn this summer, which will affect many people. We must build a safety net for those people who will suffer most.”

Discover Ibiza fully supports the Ibiza Food Bank and we hope that our readers will join us in helping this incredibly noble cause. To volunteer or donate please visit the Ibiza Food Bank website or head on over to the organisations’ Facebook.