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Interview with Dom Townsend ahead of Onyx opening party
26th June 2016 0 comments

Onyx opens Monday at Space and Holly our reporter met one of the djs for a quick interview, ibiza resident DJ Dom Townsend

Dom thanks for taking the time to speak to us as you prepare to play for us at the opening of Onyx at Space in Monday 27/06 how are you feeling about this and being part of the programme in Space’s final season?

DJ Don Townsend
DJ Don Townsend

Really really excited! Space has always been my favourite club since I first stepped foot in there 7 years ago. To be included on the line up for its final season is a dream come true.

You are from Liverpool what is the local techno scene like there?

It’s really good. Yousef’s Circus being the main heavy weight in the city for a long time now booking almost every big house and techno name imaginable, which is great as it introduced people to a lot a music they might not of heard before. There’s some really strong underground parties too like Rubix and Modular bringing the likes of tINi, Ilario Alicante, Stacey Pulled and a load more brilliant DJs to Liverpool.

What and who were your main influencers when you started out in the industry especially going into the techno genre..?

When I started out I was all about house but as I got older my taste in music moved over towards the darker side of things. I really watching Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers, Nic Fanciulli & Joris Voorn as they always manage to find a way of effortlessly blending house and techno into their sets. Joseph Capriati and Kink are two of my favourites too. You can’t beat the energy Carl Cox brings to each set though. He never fails and knows exactly how to work the crowd. And not forgetting Marco Corola, his Music On night is unreal!

What do you think Onyx will bring to the ibiza techno music scene ?

A breath of fresh air! And a new place to be on a Monday night. Each and every week has a strong line up and will hopefully allow people to listen to some artists they’ve not heard before.

What are your favourite tracks and will you be bringing anything new to the table for the Onyx Opening party?

Definitely Oxia – Domino. When I first saw I was on the same line up as him I was made up!! I have a few tracks I can’t wait to play too, you’ll have to wait and see though!

And finally who are the DJs or producers to watch out for at the moment and apart from Onyx (of course) what are you most looking forward to attending this season in ibiza?

Music On, Carl Cox, DC10, Viva Warriors – all big nights on the island and got good reason too. The music is unrivalled and I always really enjoy myself at these nights.

Thanks Holly

Catch Dom on the Sunset Terrace with Oxia, Harvey Mckay, Dom Townsend, Mixmag All Stars, alongside the impressive Main room line up Dave Clarke, Surgeon & Lady Starlight (Live!), Rebekah, Benjamin Damage (Live!), the main host Mikaela, Grab your tickets here