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Jose Maria Ramon

Resident Dj: B12 Ibiza, Cooling Ibiza, Ibiza Global Radio 

Dj & Music Director on, Ibiza Global Radio

Born in Ibiza in 1972. A deeply resonant paradise. A bridge for music. His first contact with radio was at 13 when he dismantled his grandmother’s old radio set in order to fit a double deck inside to play his music on.

His curiosity for the radio leads him to form part of almost all Ibiza radio stations in the last 25 years. Ibiza Global Radio was born in 2004 and with it came the chance to listen to high quality electronic music 24 hours a day.

Jose Maria Ramon is Dj & Music Director of the station and is the head of 3 famous radio shows `Morning Sounds´ with 3 National awards as best electronic Radio Show in Spain, Vicious Music Awards 2011, DjMag Awards 2011 and Electronica & Roll Awards 2012, ‘Melodías para tu sofá’ his downtempo show and `LG2dClub´specialised in the new way of deep house.

In 25 years working with the Music he has played in numerous places around the island, highlights being in Ushuaia, Space Ibiza (Resident Dj for 5 years), Pacha Ibiza, Café Del Mar etc…and the opening and closing of the biggest clubs in Ibiza, as well as in the most important European Clubs and cities such as Dubai, Algiers, Berlin, Hannover, Munich, Zurich, Bucharest, Budapest, Paris, Rome, Milan or Copenhagen to name some, and with a really big succes in Germany and in Romania with more than 40 parties in 2 years.

Now he is focus in music production with his partners William Medagli and Thallulah and just signed with Cream Couture, Stranjjur, Celestial Recordings, Blue Dye Records…

Lots of new productions and collaborations with big artists are coming soon…