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Al Ayoun Sunset Ibiza Al Ayoun Sunset Ibiza

Al Ayoun Sunset Ibiza

International, Mediterranean, Seafood

Brand new for 2020, Al Ayoun brings a taste of Morroco to the sunset strip. All year-round, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better location for watching the sun go down at the end of the day, but this eatery offers breathtaking views as standard. Their open-air terrace allows guests to dine underneath the stars, beside shimmering blue pools and murals which make you feel like your in Marrakesh. Inside the restaurant, Arabian scenes aline the walls, and traditional silver teapots gleam behind the bar, further adding to the originality and uniqueness of the establishment.

Appetizers and main courses stay true to Morroco’s cultural roots with dishes that showcase the best of Amazigh cuisine. Sizzling starters like Tetouan style fried potatoes and Chicken Skewers are a spicy start to an evening meal. Galician style octopus and Malaga style calamari are familiar Spanish classics, but the head chef reworks them into noteworthy meals with an Arabic touch.

A diner at Al Ayoun wouldn’t be complete without trying one of the Tagines, a Moroccan mainstay slow-cooked casserole which comes in Ibizan lamb, chicken and Angus beef varieties. At the end of the meal, it’s customary to finish with a pot of Arabic tea paired with a sweet treat. A slice of Dubai-style dessert with honey and almonds complements a glass of this liquid elixir, which is said to have medicinal properties.

Restaurant competition is fierce in San Antonio; however, Al Ayoun hits above the mark with their passion for flavoursome food. This factor, combined with charming and friendly waiting staff, will see them become a breakout business in seasons to come.



Sunset Views
Romantic Meals
Accepts Debit/Credit cards
Air Conditioning

About Us

Al Ayoun is located at the heart of the sunset strip, with a menu offering a range of Arabic and Morrocan style dishes. This lounge & cocktail venue has a large modern terrace where you can taste unique flavours and fall in love with the best sunset in Ibiza.