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Cafe Del Mar Cafe Del Mar

Cafe Del Mar


A veteran of Ibiza, Café Del Mar opened its doors in 1980 and has been a symbol of everything that the island stands for ever since. People even queue up outside just to have their photo taken with the iconic sign!

Breath-taking views, tantalising cocktails and a tiered section at the back of the bar, you can sit back and relax either down by the front or up in a cosy nook.

As with all the sunset bars, there is a restaurant area on the strip itself which serves food and drink all day and into the evening as well.

Famous for its love of chill-out music both in the bar and on compilation CDs, Café Del Mar is ambient, to say the least, and is not somewhere you go to have a wild one. Imagine instead that you are lounging on a giant cushion, watching one of the world’s most famous sunsets in one of the world’s most famous bars, sipping on a cocktail and oozing cool.


Dj / Music
Sunset Views
VIP Tables Available
Special Events
Air Conditioning
Free Wifi
Accepts Debit/Credit cards
Wheelchair Accessible