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Ibiza Medical Centre

Medical Centres

Our medical,administrative and ambulance team are highly prepared and qualified to provide the best 24 hour private medical service. Our medical team consists of professionals in emergency medicine and family medicine, available to attend anywhere on the island where their services are required ensuring confidence,no matter which part of the island you may be during your stay in Ibiza.


Close to Public Transport
Car Parking
Wheelchair Accessible

About Us

We have medical centres spread strategically in the main tourist resorts on the island, equipped with everything needed to provide a service for emergency and primary care to provide you with a complete family medical service to all patients who need it. Our medical staff and ambulance service is 24 hours, always attentive to any medical eventuality that may arise.

We offer our services through numerous insurance companies nationally and internationally and in particular to anyone who requires our services. At the same time, we have agreements with major public and private hospitals on the island.

Our staff manage for you, all the necessary documentation to support your insurance company any medical care required. Ibiza Medical Centre, is the only private clinic that provides a service for our clients who are hospitalized , they are visited daily, we offer translation services, and facilitate contact with your travel agent for any questions you may have. all our staff are bilingual