The history of Moto Luis begins in 1956, when the Madrid-born Luis López opened a small motorcycle rental company in San Antonio to invite tourists to explore the beaches and unspoiled landscapes of Ibiza. There, Mariano Roig started in the business, who at just 15 years old was already fixing motorcycles and serving customers. As Luis lived in Madrid, he soon entrusted the business to Mariano and made him his partner when he was only 18 years old. From that moment, Mariano Roig dedicated his energy to making Moto Luis one of the local car rental companies in Ibiza that is trustworthy , respectful of the client and the island.


Although he is still seen by the office, since his retirement in 2011 we have been his daughters Marga and Marta Roig who have managed the company with the same enthusiasm that our father left us. For us, as for him, customer loyalty and satisfaction continue to be the best prize because they are also protagonists in the history of Moto Luis. The six decades of experience that our family business accumulates drives us to continue offering a car and motorcycle rental in Ibiza that is trustworthy, honest, friendly, close and respectful with the client and with the island. Because when you love what you do, it is very difficult not to do it well.

Welcome to Moto Luis. Welcome to Ibiza. The Roig family and our excellent team of professionals wish you a happy vacation and a carefree car rental.