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Peix Cru Peix Cru

Peix Cru

Asian, International, Mediterranean, Tapas

When you take a seat at Peix Cru, you will immediately notice two things. The first being the location, both idyllic and charming with the outdoor terrace offering views of the Balearic boulevard, Vara de Rey. The relaxing and romantic ambience that comes with every visit is something that makes customers return time and time again.

As you glance at the extensive menu, the second thing you’ll notice is that the range of dishes on offer are very reasonably priced for an Ibiza Town establishment. The restaurant stays true to its name (raw fish in Catalan) by serving up a range of fresh market cuisine, which is both traditional and inventive.

For seafood lovers, a hearty tasting menu is priced at €37, making it an ideal choice for a worth-the-money afternoon or evening meal. Accompanying each meal splendidly, the well-selected wine list showcases a range of Spanish and international flavours.

Thursday nights at the eatery are especially economically appealing, where you can enjoy an ‘all you can eat’ sushi dining experience for just €25 per person. Morsels of nigiri, uramaki, hosomaki, and more make up large platters which are perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Excelling at being an afternoon casual rest stop for wander city visitors and a chilled gastronomic hotspot in the evening, Peix Cru pleases all who decide to book a table with them.


Romantic Meals
Open All Year
Accepts Debit/Credit cards
Close to Public Transport

About Us

Located in the heart of Ibiza, Peix Cru is the sister restaurant of La Brasa Ibiza. They are widely known for serving up a wide variety of affordable fish and sushi dishes which are both fresh and flavourful.