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The Drink Workshop The Drink Workshop

The Drink Workshop

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Discover the real Ibiza through fun and hands-on experiences where you will get to make your own alcohol. This interesting and totally unique activity is a fascinating way to spend an afternoon on the White Isle.

Our workshop experiences are held in beautiful locations around the island. The late afternoon two-hour timing (with extra options for private workshops) allows a workshop to fit perfectly in your holiday plans and it’s a great way to get yourself in the mood before dinner and your evening ahead. Relaxing and stimulating with tastings-as-you-go these workshop events are unique to Ibiza. Share something interesting, meet new people and enjoy.

Hierbas Workshop

Hierbas (pronounced “year-bas”), literally means “herbs” in Spanish, is the name of the famous local Ibiza liqueur and medicine traditionally made on the island for centuries and widely offered as a free after-dinner digestif in the local restaurants.

The workshop explores how this important Ibiza icon journeyed through the island’s culture and history and, with your senses stimulated by the sight, fragrance and taste of each ingredient, you are guided through making your very own blend to take home. An exciting and unique experience of fabulous Ibiza.

Gin Distilling Workshop

A great experience for all gin lovers, this is not just a tasting. We will demonstrate how to make gin from start to finish, and we’ll get to drink that at the end too. Held over a 3-hour period you will be guided through the creation of your very own gin. Start out by tasting a variety of gin flavours with creation notes then decide on your own flavour notes based on your personal taste and see how it works out.

Each person gets to operate their own copper pot still. We’ll guide you on how to balance your gin recipe. You get to weigh out all your botanicals and we’ll show you how to run your still. The most exciting part is when the gin begins to slowly drip through the other side and you get to try your creation for the first time. Once the distillation is finished you get to bottle your spirit and be proud that you made your very own gin!



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About Us

Developed by our chief alchemist Phillip Thomas the workshops were created as a result of his years of experience creating cocktail menus at bars around the world and his 12-year love story with the island. Phil is also well known as the taste-buds behind the popular Ibiza tonic water Botink, found in bars around the island.