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Vídeo Torres & Cine Regio Vídeo Torres & Cine Regio

Vídeo Torres & Cine Regio


In 1972 Cine Regio opened its doors with the premiere of the movie “Love Story” and since then we have projected the billboard successes expected by the cinephiles of the island of Ibiza.


Tickets Available
Family Friendly
Wheelchair Accessible
Accepts Debit/Credit cards
Car Parking

About Us

The history of the cinema in Sant Antoni is closely linked to the Torres family, owner of the two rooms that exist in the town of Portmany: the Torres and Regio cinemas.

80 years ago, Vicente Torres Ferrer, started the journey of cinema in Sant Antoni, they called him in “Vicentet de cana marca” that with the help of his wife and children, they inaugurated the Cine Torres on April 5, 1931 and the films that They were projected were silent. The projector was rented and the operator arrived mounted in a car pulled by a donkey from “Vila”, with all his family, did his work on Saturday and Sunday and after charging five pesetas he returned to Ibiza.