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Miss Moneypenny’s returns to Ibiza at Ocean Beach
18th July 2017 0 comments

Anybody that has been in Ibiza amid the 90s will be eager to discover that on Sunday July 23 Miss Moneypenny’s returns following 10 years off the island, taking control of Ocean Beach Ibiza for the day and bringing the world class creation values and energetic atmosphere that made it one of the island’s heavyweights for over 10 years. Commending its 25th anniversary, the Birmingham based event idea that changed our clubbing expectations drops into Ocean Beach Ibiza for a standout amongst the most long awaited parties of the summer.

Ibiza legends Miss Moneypenny's returns to Ocean Beach
Miss Moneypenny’s returns to Ibiza at Ocean Beach

The special anniversary party marks an arrival to the island for one of its best-known parties from its history and the occasion couldn’t be any greater. It has just been reported that the Ibiza House Orchestra will show up, joining a series of skilled spinners that have been resident or played for the Birmingham based gathering throughout the years, including Jim “Shaft” Ryan, Andy Baxter, Ken Fan, Steve Kelly, Ridney, Inaky Garcia, Neil Navarra and Max B (SuSu). It’s a fittingly substantial line-up for such an auspicious occasion and with the live component of the Ibiza House Orchestra, who have demonstrated an immense fascination with Island visitors this summer, it promises to be another important event at the Ocean Beach Ibiza pool.

Miss Moneypenny’s burst on to the UK clubbing scene 25 years back, established by Ryan brothers Mick, Jim, and Dermot and Lee Garrick, starting out as a fancy dress boat event before advancing to a week by week club occasion, carrying with it an ethos that grasped marvelousness, that transformed clubbing spaces, that presented sexy dancers as a feature of its gathering make up and conveyed fun and theatre to the scene. Its headquarters were in Birmingham, and it pulled in clubbers from everywhere throughout the nation, as the word spread of the gathering, people were quick to sample the special vibe for themselves. It’s erratic ‘Chuff Chuff’ themed parties were the stuff of legend, possessing majestic venues, including stately homes and embracing unrestrained themes that caught the creative energy of clubbers from everywhere throughout the UK.

The following consistent step was to take the gathering out and about and Miss Moneypenny’s worked together with the best clubs and parties all through the UK before settling on the decision to acquaint itself with the rest of the world through Ibiza. Named ‘The World’s Most Glamorous Clubbing Brand’, Miss Moneypenny’s delighted in a 14-year residency in Ibiza’s El Divino club as well as the same time in Mallorca’s BCM club as well as holding summer residencies in Tenerife, Marbella, Malta, Greece and Turkey. It wasn’t well before the praised mark spread its wings further and parties in Dubai, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, the United States and all through South America seen it advance into one of the first worldwide move superpowers.
Sunday July 23 gives Ibiza a chance to welcome back one of the parties that assumed a significant part in its advancement from its early days trying to break into the world’s clubbing capital. What’s more, it seems fitting that Ocean Beach Club should host the occasion; a scene that embodies that spirit of fabulousness, theatrics and quality that established the frameworks for Miss Moneypenny’s worldwide control. The immense pool in the wanton surroundings in San Antonio Bay has witnessed some astonishing gatherings in the midst of its five year island residency and Miss Moneypenny’s promises to be yet another extraordinary social event.

For those that know the brand and have benefited as much as possible from its hospitality some time as of late, it’s a chance to take a nostalgic excursion, for those excessively energetic, it’s a possibility, making it impossible to see what truly matters to all the fuss and to pay respect to one of the valid clubbing heavyweights.

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