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Pacha Closing Pure Class
18th October 2019 0 comments

I always find closing parties a bit sad because it reminds me another summer is over, the little black dresses and heels are replaced on the island for me with jeans, boots and jumpers but there was one closing party I couldn’t turn down an invite for this season, and that was Pacha’s. An exclusive pre party for invited guests only started the closing and what felt like hundreds of locals and media people gathered for this special event where Pacha really pulled out all the stops. On entering the hallowed Ibiza nightclub we were presented with the beautiful Pacha dancers who were dressed in black bikinis and gold sequinned half capes, the interior decoration was quite simply glittering with huge gold pacha cherries suspended from the ceiling. The dancers sat on high stalls and looked ethereal and glamorous, in Pacha it’s hard not to feel you are in a special place and the welcome was world class on Saturday night. Waiters and waitresses brought out what seemed like an endless supply of yummy canapés and the bar was free, yes a free bar in Ibiza I hear you say?!! Yes, shocker! A live band started promptly as soon as we were all gently herded into the main club room, I believed they are called FE and Spain and Papa New Guinea originated, an interesting mix of heritage and the result was really top-notch musically and I was transfixed with their stage presence. I was hooked watching their amazing lead female vocalist and the drummer also needs a mention… I couldn’t find any information on this band and I think Pacha is still recovering from Saturday night as I have enquired for more info but none as yet, but I hope I can give them a name check sometime later and follow them..

At midnight the pre party ended and long-standing Pacha Resident Angel Linde started the dance music event with a rousing body rocking percussive house music set, the general public started entering and by 1am when the Mambo Brothers came on I felt Pacha was heaving.  Erick Morillo began at 2am after the local legends of Mambo fame played a solid set of uplifting house to a notably very local crowd.

Pacha Closing

Erick was at his crowd-pleasing entertaining best, you could just tell by his facial expressions, the constant smile on his face as he delivered those uplifting, drawn outbreaks before the body shaking drops that he is still, after 20 plus years of DJying, famous for. Morillo looked like he was enjoying every second of it as were we and the approx 2,000 strong crowd of revellers.

The crowd fed off Morillo’s energy for his whole 2 hour-long set, there wasn’t a bad track or moment and Erick’s tracks were a dancers’ dream so you can imagine the girls really put on a show on their podiums for us… with the constant cheers, whistles and arms in the air, Pacha I feel was at its summer climax and Morillo was a great choice for it’s summer curtain call…

Erick ended at 4.30am (not sure how I was still standing) and handed over to the equally legendary Danny Tenaglia and it was an emotional welcome to say the least from Erick who called him onto the decks on the mic, introducing him as one of his ‘own personal heroes’ before Danny set up a highlight set for me of the summer for me with deep bass rhythmic tracks to keep the party going. And that is indeed what he did, with his sophisticated use of effects and the constant mixing up of tracks throughout his set our attention didn’t waver. It was a night in the presence of two American legends of the dance music hall of fame, true royalty of the nightclub scene who are still managing to fill dance floors and clearly enjoying every minute of their jobs which I always love to see.

Pure Ibiza was a fitting closing party for Pacha after another epic summer on the beautiful white isle. I have to say the 4 times I have been there this summer have been my clubbing highlights. Roll on 2020! Thanks to Listen Up PR and Pacha for the pre party invite, we thoroughly enjoyed the drinks, nibbles, live band and exclusive pre party. See you all next summer. I’m off to get my hoodie on and vegetate! 🎧💃🍒❤️

Holly Reed and Dave Cortes (thanks for helping me write this)

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