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Review | Pacha’s 50th anniversary and Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classics
7th August 2017 0 comments

On Saturday night I ventured out of the safety of a quiet and remote villa in San Jose to mingle with the Ibiza glitterati at my favourite outdoor music venue on the white isle, Pacha’s Destino resort.

The night began for me with a grand welcome from Pacha press who invited me along to celebrate their 50th anniversary and Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classics Night..We were met with Brazilian style carnival girls at the door, one I know very well, the talented dancer Lucy Yasmin. Began to feel at home almost instantly.

Destino itself is a spectacle but Pacha’s production and animation/events team that night didn’t miss a trick, with dancers around the pool area and performances from the best drag opera singer I have ever seen and heard, and in my network that says a lot! I’ll never listen to ‘Part of your World’ the same way again and there’s nothing more camp than a falsetto drag queen diving in full mermaid costume with custom fish tail (I want it) into the most beautiful swimming pool in Ibiza.

Moving through to the sunset session we were in the presence of Ibiza DJ legends. Firstly there was DJ Pipi with a quality house and disco set who made way for the great Alfredo who took us on a musical journey of classics including Mora Cante’s ‘Yeke Yeke’. Performance wise, two male gymnastics stopped the bustling crowd with their amazing display of human strength with gladiator like presence and atmospheric background music I felt like I was in a Blockbuster movie..

50th anniversary and Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classics Night
Pete Tong and the 65 piece London based Heritage Orchestra (Photo’s courtesy of Destino Ibiza & Pacha)

Moving swiftly on from that flashback, the main event was Mr Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classics show, starring the man himself. He arrives with great aplomb and rapturous applause and the 65 piece London based Heritage Orchestra rustle in their seats and I got that ‘this is going to be an epic Ibiza night feeling’..

The Concert began with the rousing Fatboy Slim anthemic ‘Right here Right now’ and the crowd’s appetite was wettened, the temperature dropped and so did the tracks, including the almighty ‘Lola’s Theme’, ‘Insomnia’ and ‘Born Slippy.’

Pete Tong and the 65 piece London based Heritage Orchestra at Destino Ibiza
One amazing night… (Photo’s courtesy of Destino Ibiza & Pacha)

The climax for me was the finale when the 3 amazing house vocalists sang Candi Staton’s  ‘You’ve got the love’.

The whole night was produced and executed very well and I would hasten to say the real Ibiza locals, ex pats, entertainment industry professionals and even the Ibiza music purists (thank you DJ James Reid for humouring me with my singalong moments) had a night to very much remember, well I certainly did.

Pacha… 50 years dancing together #pachaforever #destinomakers