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Review | Sven Väth all night long
5th May 2018 0 comments

This is what happened when our reporter Izzy Seddon covered Sven Väth all night long at Pacha.

When I was invited to check out the new look Pacha this weekend I was both excited and full of nervous exhilaration with what I would be faced with when I entered those all familiar doors. As I pulled up past the beautiful white building, the sky hummed a bright hue of red and the queue was massive!! This could only be expected with such a prevalent new artist on their books, whos held the masses in the palm of his hands for the last 18 years as one of Amnesias biggest residents, Sven Väth. Not only this but also with a brand-new remodelled Pacha, which for the last 40 years has barely changed from the original Spanish finca, it all feels a bit radical as I’m so accustomed to the layout and it’s always been one of favourite clubbing meccas is in the world, let alone Ibiza, so I was very nervous about what was in store! Pacha did not disappoint!

You could tell things were completely different from the offset. The new wall with the window showcasing the famous cherries was totally a sight to behold is you could see that the dance floor was already packed full of beautiful Clubbers which is so true to Pacha. What really surprised me was that as you entered, people were dancing so close to the entrance. This was completely new for Pacha and as I had always felt that the entrance was a huge waste of space because no one would ever be dancing until you got down the main stairs onto the dance floor, but now there’s a a more immersive space with tables where people could pop their drinks down and have a really good dance without the ultimate crush fest up close to the DJ booth.


It was made obvious that it was the beginning of the season because everyone was fresh faced and just so excited to be there! Something that really surprised me was how bright it was, I assumed that for a night like Cocoon coming into Pacha it would be more of the techno vibe with the dimmed lighting we’re used to, but I guess Pacha wants to showcase their beautiful customers more than fitting to the usual way of running things. I’m grateful that they decided to move the DJ booth into the centre of the room just like they do for Solomon’s +1 parties, because it just gives a feeling of being at one with the Papa of all DJs! He of course did not disappoint – his selection was completely on point from start to finish, pulling huge tracks out the bag like KiNK – ‘Perth’, ‘Countach’ by Butch and Stephan Bodzin – ‘Strand’. Everyone was entranced and the fist pumps were in full swing all night!

I was really happy that it seemed much less VIP centred than I had anticipated. They were dotted around the balconies which gave the real Clubbers much more space to be free and do their thing. The vibe was electric and although I was originally apprehensive about cocoon moving to Pacha after so many years in Amnesia, in Sven’s own words from when we discussed this in Sydney “Amnesia is like the relationship you had with the girlfriend for 18 years, but Pacha is that hot girl youve been eyeing up for years” Im glad he decided to break off the relationship and go with the hot new thing! I had an unforgettable evening dancing until the small hours trying to make my escape around 5 AM But being coaxed back to the dance floor with such heavy hitters is ANNA – ‘Hidden Beauties’ whatever all I can say is. Long live Papa Sven and welcome to your new home as part of the Pacha dynasty <3