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Review | The Doors to Paradise Opens at DC10
20th June 2019 0 comments

With the summer well underway and the majority of club nights alive and kicking, there was one set of doors we were still waiting to see have its winter shackles removed. A powerhouse churning out the headiest soundtrack against a neon-drenched, tropical backdrop, who and what else could we be chewing our nails over other than Jamie Jones’s emblem, Paradise at DC10? Wednesday 12th June saw the momentous opening of the island’s favourite get together and the start of some mid-week naughtiness. With a line-up featuring Hot Creations’ finest – Richy Ahmed, Detlef and Latmun – plus some champion names thrown in for good measure – Adam Beyer, Andrea Oliva and The Martinez Brothers, anyone? – we couldn’t really complain.

Parardise Opening at DC10 dj

Marking the start of season number eight, the prolific party brand is best known for its family-style affair bringing together artists who are both pioneering and friends. The theme for this year’s get-up is ‘Colour Odyssey’, alluding to the tapestry of electronic music that is set to grace our ears. And, with the opening roster a stellar mash-up of rampant techno and bubbly house, we sure were in for a sonic feast. Arriving for arguably the best part of any DC10 affair, proceedings kicked off outdoors at 6pm. First up with a debut performance, Italian DJ and producer, Flashmob was wasting no time in pummelling the early-entrants with highly-caffeinated tech-house rhythms. Keeping a steady floor firmly grooving, Richy Ahmed stepped in next as the sky made its descent into night-time shades of blue. Sensational in his game, his provocative set turned up the drama firing out some mind-blowing funk that aptly set the stage for boss, Jamie Jones, to catapult the floor into bedlam.

Parardise Opening at DC10 dj shoy

With the hazy glow of the neon Paradise sign illuminating Mr Jones, the epileptic lights hanging from the trees above us danced in unison to the cutting beats. Young, hot and full of heart-racing drops, the garden at eleven o’clock had us feeling like we were knee-deep into the early hours already. The ritual of the outdoor warm-up had us well and truly energized for a main course of two throbbing indoor spaces. While the soundtrack of the night was largely unrelenting, DJ-duo Infinity Ink bowled us over with a stunningly mesmeric performance in the Main Room. Wearing their imaginations on their sleeve, sultry vocals layered over stomping basslines sent out waves of awe out into the crowd and had us glued long enough to see in Detlef and Latmun on a b2b next.

Paradise Opening DC10

Stimulating our blood-flow once again, the uncanny pairing riled up the dancefloor with a joint set that dished out some serious heat. In an epic moment, an unsuspecting remix of Cardi B’s ‘Bodak Yellow’ shot the capacity room into unified madness. The speakers were putting in overtime, not only rumbling the floor to the insatiable beats but blasting out all of the pent up energy inside of us. Over in the Terrace, Jamie Jones b2b The Martinez Brothers were calm and confident commencing a blend of sexy house-vocals over quick-steppers that before long brought in a hair-raising crescendo of gargantuan basslines. And, speaking of basslines, our personal highlight was Adam Beyer who knocked together a thrilling soup of rapid-moving house against moody, driving back tones. We were in with everyone hollering on to every incredible drop, unashamedly hooked.

Paradise Opening DC10 crowd

Drenched in the audacious sounds of the night, Paradise’s entry into the season was loud and clear. With some of the fiercest energy on the block, this invitation into sonic heaven is one to be pounced at. As heavyweights continue to litter the line-ups, serious music-lovers rejoice as the longest run for the party is here in the form of a 17-show run. You can catch the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Joseph Capriati and Marco Carola every Wednesday, every week until 2nd October.