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Review | We catch up with Hardwell at Ushuaia ibiza
2nd August 2016 0 comments

Hardwell is how a Transformers’ fight scene is going to sound in 2020, it’s very similar looks wise as well I imagine. This was without a doubt the most intense show I’ve been to thus far on the island. You can hate EDM, or be one of those who preaches about hating EDM without really knowing what you’re saying, but if you go to a Hardwell show and get off your soapbox for one second, you will have a great time.

Kill the Buzz and Dannic were brilliantly matched warm ups. Whereas Kill the Buzz was reaching out to the crowd, probing and testing the early-comers to see what they were after, matching the mood, Dannic plugged in and demanded attention. The desire to get the crowd going too early can often stumble an act, forcing themselves upon an audience with hand claps and jumping. This was not the case Tuesday at Ushuaia. Kill the Buzz was the chopping board and ingredients, Dannic the sharp knife and Hardwell, well he was more of a fire than a frying pan but you get what I’m saying…it all worked wonderfully.

Hardwell setting the crowd alight at Ushuaia Ibiza
Hardwell setting the crowd alight at Ushuaia Ibiza

Things were shaking. The floor, my face, reality…

Ushuaia can harness the talent of Aoki, Prydz, Guetta, so Hardwell shouldn’t be an issue right? Correct. For everything demanded from the venue, Ushuaia delivered, obviously, and in folds.

Hardwell was on stage for 2 hours and in that time, the immeasurably loud music just seemed to grow and grow. There’s an opening 3 or 4 minutes of just unbelievably raw base rumbling, raising awareness of the impending arrival of Hardwell. It’s common for the biggest acts to be the loudest but this was something else. It felt like Ushuaia had let Dannic and Kill The Buzz play with a few pistols but given Harwell access to the big red button, which he pressed.

I’m endorsing you to watch Hardwell for a few reasons. Firstly, Hardwell will gear you up for pretty much anything you fancy doing afterwards. It’s so endorphin-releasing and so raucous that the energy levels will stay with you the whole night, and Carl Cox is just across the road.

Secondly, Hardwell is taking a break soon. Having spoken to him pre-show, he’s in need of some time out before he crumbles. Yes, this means a second album is probably inbound (maybe late 2017?) but a guy like him puts everything into a show and he’s not got millions left – unless you feel like flying to Chicago, so get some while it’s still hot. And trust me, it’s molten.

Thirdly. You’re going to enjoy the show. Hardwell seems to know your tastes better than you do. In my mind he does this- ‘You like Pop? Let’s just take that awesome Pop song you think is untouchable and then halfway through I’m going to just put some PAM PAM PAM in. Oh I see, old school Hip Hop, like Dr Dre, well let’s just add some PAM PAM PAM. See you’re clapping, trust your good friend Hardwell ok?

Every Tuesday. Go watch the warm ups because historically they are a brilliant. Also, Hardwell is an honest, unblemished, smiling, appreciative and genuine bloke who has talents in spades.

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