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Review | We check out Sven Vaths infamous Cocoon at Amnesia
16th August 2017 0 comments

Sven Vaths infamous Cocoon stil going strong on its 18th year in Amnesia. The popular night showcases some of Ibiza’s best music with an array of the best names in the techno scene worldwide. This week was highlighted by Âme, Kink, Ben UFO and Siberian dj-producer and vocalist Nina Kraviz. 

In the terrace room, German duo Âme, formed by Kristian Beyer and Frank Widemann, came on with a bold set, they to always know how to please the crowd and create a great atmosphere. They’ve become a renowned name worldwide, with their combination of dj and live sets, their floor-filling deep house beats, their incredible track “Rej” which really established them on the scene and their banging remix “Turn around” originally by Sailor & I.

Cocoon at Amnesia
Cocoon at Amnesia (Photos Courtesy of Amnesia Ibiza)

Papa Sven, as his fans call him, showed his magic with his unique beats that combine into almost his own sub-genre combination of techno, trance and house. He kickstarted the crowd as a parade of girls appear on the podium in metallic knee high boots holding giant letters spelling Cocoon surrounded a beaming laser show. The crowd turns euphoric as Vath drops huge beats that are so hooking and powerful the whole place is vibrating enraptured in Amnesias mammoth sound system.

Back at the Club room, British artist Ben UFO comes on, with a set that shows a different sound, he is an impeccable mixer, his music likes to explore influences from different genres bringing back some old beats and mixing them to tech-house with even percussion and garage beats in a very dynamic and potent set.

To end the night with the closing set in the Club Room is Russian producer Nina Kraviz, who everyone had impatiently been waiting for, as soon as she started playing, an ecstatic crowd came together to enjoy her set. Beginning with slow deep techno beats and gearing up to what becomes a powerful techno set with such infectious beats so addictive you suddenly realise the sun is rising and you feel that overwhelming feeling of being in one of Ibiza’s greatest events. Cocoon is all about the music.