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Review | We joined the colony at Ushuaia for Ants
11th September 2017 0 comments
#UNITEDANTS KOLSCH, What a day!! Ushuaia… just WOW such an incredible venue. An EPIC open air venue, right on the beachfront, with shallow pools for the party peeps, human “ants’ everywhere doing crazy acrobatics and a really up for it crowd. From the moment you walk in you can feel the good vibes, its huge- Ive never seen anything like it before. Eli & Fur kicked things off on the first stage in true style, the tunes where party starters- house music for the win. The sound system is mint and you just know this party is a goodie. AndHim up next and naturally delivered the goods, everyone was dancing.
The colony enjoying Ants at Ushuaia
You know the party is good when the talent comes & mingles with the rest of us- Eli & Fur where dancing with us on the front line.. YIEW!
Kolsch’s set was now fast approaching and the moment we had been waiting for was here, it didn’t disappoint! Ah I was front centre/left, and I had a smile on face from beginning to end.. this guys just creates such a vibe, that with the production- lights, fireworks, dancers, confetti, and mammoth sound system.. they were some of the best hours of my life, I already cant wait to go again next year.
One of the best parties on the Island!! I will definitely be back….
 Rachel x