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Set for Love fundraiser at Las Dalias
27th August 2019 0 comments


On Thursday 29th August, ‘Wax Da Jam’ and the ‘Last Night a DJ Saved My Life’ charity will throw a huge fundraising event at Las Dalias, Ibiza. ‘Set For Love’ brings together 30 of the islands most popular resident DJs and artists, all performing for free.  100% of the proceeds raised will be used to build fresh water wells in India and Africa, through the charity’s ‘Have a Drink On Us’ campaign.  The event also marks the summer closing party in Ibiza for Wax Da Jam and is a part of their 10 year anniversary celebrations.  Doors open from 7pm until 4pm and entry is €10. TICKETS

Set For love - Wax Da Jam/LNADJ Fundraiser

“This is the first time in a few years that we’ve done a 100% fundraiser like this in Ibiza,” said the charity’s founder Jonny Lee.  “LNADJ was birthed in Ibiza almost a decade ago and has gone on to become the world’s largest dance music charity.  Our main focus is helping children in crisis and we are making a difference to tens of thousands of lives around the world.  The forthcoming Wax Da Jam fundraiser gives us an opportunity to re-engage with the Ibiza community, to update them on what we’ve been doing around the world in recent years and to encourage more people to get involved, whether or not they are a DJ!”

Wax Da Jam’s George Evelyn, A.K.A Nightmares on Wax, has been an ambassador of LNADJ from the beginning, playing an important role not only in raising funds but in raising the global profile of the charity and inspiring others to get involved.

“George is our most active member and is a great role model,” said Jonny.  “Over the last 9 years he has included a fundraising element wherever he can and he’s used his platform to inspire many others to support LNADJ. Collectively this has raised over €100K for various projects.  George’s efforts have saved the lives of many children and have made a huge difference in many communities.”

George’s Wax Da Jam events in Ibiza have already funded five fresh water wells in Africa and India through the charity’s ‘Have a Drink on Us’ campaign. This has given 5000 people access to clean water and has greatly benefited community life.  At a cost of just 2700€ euros each, it is hoped that many more wells can be built where they are needed the most, with the funds raised from the ‘Set for Love’ party.

Anyone can make a donation to LNADJ’s ‘Have a Drink on Us’ campaign, be it a company or an individual and whether done as a fundraising initiative or as a simple online donation – every contribution makes a difference, whatever the size. DONATE

“The campaign has already funded the building of 36 fresh water wells in India and Africa so far,” explained Jonny.  “This has improved the lives of more than 30,000 people and has a particular benefit for children, especially young girls who often have the responsibility of fetching water for the family.  The children are able to go to school instead of undertaking long walks to find fresh water.

“We also fund and deliver other major projects benefiting the lives of children and George has played a leading part in many of these too.  Last year he headed up our ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ challenge, climbing up Mt. Kilimanjaro to arrive at the summit on the International Day Of Peace.  He then broke the record for the world’s highest DJ set in the crater, at 5750m.  This initiative raised over €70K and the proceeds were used to build a special needs children’s home for over 50 kids in Kilimanjaro.”

On another trip, George visited ‘Angelsgate’, a home for street children in Tanzania that the charity supports, to kickstart the ‘Get Equipped’ campaign. This campaign supplies tuition plus music and DJ equipment to educational and community organisations that support disadvantaged young people around the world.

“We’ve seen first hand the impact that music and art can have on the quality of life for these children, many of whom have experienced severe trauma,” said Jonny.  “We also saw the knock on effect of how the DJ and production workshops attracted street children who had previously been hard to reach and resistant to coming into a home.  These are powerful creative tools that can bring children and young people off the street and into the home where they are safe, drug free and can have access to education and healthcare.”

It is this belief in the power of music to affect change that has been one of the core philosophies underpinning the charity since it’s inception in Ibiza almost a decade ago.  “I was a child of the Acid House movement,” said Jonny.  “I was a part of that tidal wave of unity and collective energy where we felt like anything was possible, that we were changing things.

I’ve always been struck by the huge potential  these type of gatherings have, where masses of people are coming together in a positive way, not to mention the powerful platform that the DJ’s have – where they can instantly influence thousands of people through their fanbase.  There is a real and tangible opportunity to give a purpose to these experiences, to harness this collective energy and direct it towards making a difference in the world.

“With its reputation as the global mecca for dance music, the island of Ibiza has an opportunity and a responsibility to lead the way in this and people like George Evelyn have shown what can be achieved by using their platform and inspiring others.  We can’t think of a better place to launch the ‘Set For Love’ concept, especially at Las Dalias, Ibiza’s oldest club celebrating 65 years! After this, we will be launching Set For Love events around the globe, watch this space!”