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Resident Dj: Ushuaïa Beach Ibiza

Not only we can see her working as a DJ but also as a remixer and producer. Her good vibes in every set make her audience feel enthusiastic.

Sita was born in Barcelona. Since she was a young girl, her life has always been deeply influenced by music due to her great passion for dance and her full dedication to this discipline on which she continued on until her teenage years.

When she was still a kid you could see her counting down on beats, dancing off to the rhythm of music or even making her own remixes with an old cassette player. As many teenagers of any generation, Sita started visiting clubs and it was then when she started becoming interested in the creative side of music. But it was some years later, when passion for music carried her to initiate a musical career.

From that point she has bursted in the night scene in cities like Barcelona, Ibiza or Amsterdam, appearing in different clubs, festivals and events hitting hard with great success over the crowd which always responds to her beats.

From 2014 she plays in Clubs like ClubNL Holland, Nikki Beach Ibiza, ElRow Barcelona, BoraBora Ibiza, City Hall Barcelona, Ibiza Gran Hotel, Beautiful People Ibiza, Sa punta Ibiza, FatClub Andorra, Yeti Club Francia, Harbour Club Ibiza, Harbour Club Amsterdam, Harbour Club Rotterdam, Pride Festival Barcelona, Migjorn Ibiza, Rehab Beach Club Ibiza, Ushuaïa Beach Ibiza. And she gets her first Ibiza residency.

From then she has got four Dj residencies in Ibiza.  Nowadays, she is Resident DJ at Ushuaïa Beach Ibiza.

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