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Solomun +1 club review
1st August 2018 0 comments

Solomun has had his residency at Pacha now for several years (6 seasons to be exact) Solomun +1 is singlehandedly one of the best party’s on the island. Every year the party has gone from strength to strength.

When it was announced that Dixon would be joining him everyone knew that there was going to be a roadblock at Pacha. Recently Dixon was all night long at Pacha back in May which was apart of six opening parties.

Combining Dixon and Solomun was always going to be a true match made in heaven for music lovers. Dixon has been resident advisors number one DJ every year since 2013 and is one of the most sought-after DJs in the world. It is widely known that if you try and Shazam any of Dixons tracks it’s almost impossible to get the track ID. What sets Solomun and Dixon apart from everyone else is their sound. There is nobody out there that’s quite like them.

Solomun +1 Pacha ibiza 2018

When I arrived at Pacha Dixon was already halfway through his solo set. It was around 2am and the clubbing mecca that is Pacha was packed to the rafters! It was the first time I had been inside Pacha since it’s refurbishment, It looked amazing even with the sea of people that covered the dance floor. Dixon had the crowd hooked and everyone was in a hypnotic trance! His set was really well delivered. He handed over to Solomun around 2.30ish and the dynamic chief wasted no time in dropping his remix of Eagles and butterfly’s the last dance. The moment everyone was waiting for was fast approaching around 5.30am when the kings of techno went b2b. Pacha was on fire and quite frankly I’ve never seen it so alive the club was heaving and it was just after 7am in the morning. It was not always banging techno there was twists and turns as BJORK – hidden place (A Capella) was played and then switching it completely to German rock artist Fehlfarben – Paul ist tot this was very well received as the crowd went crazy. Only Solomun and Dixon could pull that off in Pacha!

It all had to end at some point and the duo called time just after 7.30am! It was an incredible party that I will remember for a long time. Catch the next round of Solomun + 1 next Sunday where he will be joined by Chloè.