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Spain’s Leading female Techno DJ Fatima Hajji Set To Rock Eden Ibiza
22nd August 2019 0 comments

A dose of undiluted, heavy-hitting female-power is set to storm Eden Ibiza on Wednesday 28th August at Terminal 4 Presents Tronic. San Antonio’s techno club-night will be hosting Spain’s leading female techno DJ Fatima Hajji who’ll be bringing her unrelenting, dynamitic sound to the futuristic dancefloor. With two decades in the game carving out her own space in what is already a very male-dominated scene, her sound has seen her grace the likes of Awakenings Festival, Tomorrowland and Egg London. If that isn’t testament enough to the force that is Hajji, we don’t know what is. What we do know though is that a front-running lady of this scale is a rarity – Ibiza, hold onto your horses!

The fiesta will take place at the cavernous halls of Eden Ibiza, where a VOID Gold Incubus soundsystem comes part and parcel. These state-of-the-art speakers are top-drawer in the world of sound, so where better to be at for a techno night driven by the large, percussive and drilling? Tronic is the self-titled record label that, according to Beatport, is the world’s top 3 selling techno label fronted by Swede, Christian Smith, who’s also event resident. Working in tandem with London-based Terminal 4, these two worldwide brands coming together is undeniably going to be big. A storm has been drummed up throughout the summer, having thrown on DJs to the tune of Deborah De Luca, Dosem and Noir so far. With the air fully riled up and the speakers stretched out, the systems are ready for the arrival of Fatima Hajji.

Her sets are one that encourage total bedlam, the in-demand festival artist is best known for her latest sounds of pure, unadulterated underground which hold no prisoners. Hard, heavy and shapeshifting quicker than you could expect, cutting transitions and funky steppers intermingle over pounding, industrial basslines and rhythm. A fitting match to the night’s dark and dramatic soundscape, you can expect some serious grooving to the palpable force that’s delivered. Eden Ibiza’s unpretentious policy and stripped back vibe tends to attract a largely young and fervent crowd who are in it for the love of music. Drumming up the electricity in ways incomparable to the larger venues, you can be sure those that have chosen to turn up know what they’re there for.

Fatima’s distinct image and style of performance will ensure all eyes are on the booth. Beyond her work orchestrating some serious frenzy at the illustrious festivals to her name, this musical powerhouse owns not only one but three record labels. Standbite, Taikatta and Silver M are her creations yet her dedication to the craft doesn’t end there. She releases her own tracks on imprints such as Unity Records and Pornographic Recordings among others. Her commitment truly sees no bounds when it comes to captivating the imaginations of her amassed fanbase, over the years she’s experimented with her taste. Sitting now on sets with slower BPMs that twist and turn the room into a pulsating wormhole, mesmeric and addictive are two words that describe this techno-titan. If you ever needed more of an excuse to dive right into a swinging electro knees-up, this is it.